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On Advice Bench, you will find every post blogged about since Flirty & Feisty Romance Blog started.

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Guest Post: 4 Tips on Romance

How Committed Are You - Stay Married

Wives: When Anger Hurts Your Marriage

The Woman in Marriage - Patient Woman

The Woman in Marriage - Faithful Woman

The Woman in Marriage - Submissive Woman

The Woman in Marriage - Wise Woman

The Woman in Marriage - Virtuous Woman

The Woman in Marriage - The Praying Woman

The Woman in Marriage - The Forgiving Woman 

Valentine Gifts For Him or Her

Is Your Marriage a Battleground? An Open Letter

Is Your Marriage a Hand Luggage?

Guest Post: How to Survive Holiday with Your Loved One

How to Look For The Best in Your Husband

Would You Hire a Maid?

Do You Accept Compliments?

What if a Married Man Wants You?

Are You a Quitters? Winners Never Quit

Are You Having a Fun-Filled Friday?

How Did He Propose?

What Attracted You to Your Partner?

Where In The World Did You Meet Your Husband, Wife, Fiancé?

What Movies Stoke the Flame in Your Relationship?

Do You Prefer Birthday Gifts Over Anniversary Gifts

Are You a Parent? What We Do Wrong or Right

Flaws in Your Marriage?

What Makes a Movie or Book Hero Wonderful

Are You Going into a New Relationship

How Can a Man Love His Wife and Keep a Mistress?

Are You Insecure About Your Appearance?

Can Love Survive Immigration Challenges?

Do You Snoop on Your Partner's Phone?

Issues Affecting Having Children - Africa vs UK

Rich or Poor Who Will You Marry?

Do You Intend to Marry with Bags of Secrets?

Are You in a Loveless Marriage?

Five Things To Do When You Find Love

10 Things To Do or Not To Do After the First Date

First Date: Will You Sleep with Him? 3 Reasons Not To

How To Handle Heartbreak?

Does His Height Bother You?

Are You Married and Still Flirt?

Will You Marry an Imperfect Partner?

Improving Relationships

Do You Support Your Spouse?

Are You Single & Searching - What if She Isn't Beautiful?

What if Your Spouse Won't Do House Chores?

Are In-Laws Truly Family?

What If Your Spouse Snores - Avoid Doing These Things?

What If Your Spouse Snores?

What If Your Wife Can't Cook?

What Love Is

What Is Love?

How Did The Robbery Experience Affect Me?

Armed Robbery - My Personal Experience 4

Armed Robbery - My Personal Experience 3

Armed Robbery - My Personal Experience 2

Armed Robbery - My Personal Experience 1

Armed Robbery - My Personal Experience

How to Talk to Your Spouse II

How to Talk to Your Spouse

Do You Talk to Your Spouse?

Where Did You Meet Your Partner?

What is Your Motive For Marriage?

Would You Lie to Your Partner?

7 Rules How To Keep Your Man - 2

7 Rules on How To Keep Your Man - 1

Stop Nagging: 4 Ways to Ask

How Long Does it Take a Woman to Get Dressed?

Why Do Men Experience Mid-Life Crisis?

Why Would a Man Cheat?

Why Would a Woman Cheat?

More on How to Add Glitter to Your Fading Relationship

Seven Ways to Sizzle Your Relationship

Any Ideas on How to Spice up Your Relationships?

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