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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Do You Accept Compliments? #Romance #Dating

Women, when your husband, fiance or boyfriend compliments your dress sense, beauty, intelligence or good deed, how do you react?

Do you belong to the confident class who receives the compliment with grace, a smile and gracious response as indicated;

Husband: "My darling, you look absolutely gorgeous today."

Confident wife (or girlfriend) laughs and bats her eyelashes: "Thank you my loving husband (boyfriend)."

Or do you fall into the insecure group who brushes off the compliment with a frown and then wonder why years later, there are no lovely words when they put in so much effort? Check out the insecure wife's response;

Husband: "My darling, you look absolutely gorgeous today."

Insecure wife frowns and walks away muttering, "Please stop flattering me. You know I
don't like it when you go on and on."

If you belong to the insecure group and you cherish your relationship, here are my tips;

1. CATCH yourself in time before those ungracious words fly out of your mouth.

2. RECEIVE the compliment with grace, a cheerful smile and say something kind in return.

3. LOVE who you are and give your husband (or boyfriend) a chance to love you.

When you have heard these compliments more times than you can count, you would believe and continue to live up to expectation.

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