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I’m Stella, Author & Publisher of 40 Flirty & Feisty Romance Novels. I’ve been married to my too-hot-to-handle, sexy husband for over 23 years, we have two adult children to God’s glory and live in London, UK. My romance stories feature sexy heroes who have hearts and souls and curvy heroines who are smart and know what they want. My lively, flawed characters who on their quest to find love will elevate your pulse rate, make your heart skip here & there, so that you’ll laugh, shed a tear sometimes and gasp for breath as their story unfolds. If an emotionally intense happy-ever-after is what you want coupled with a sprinkling of life lessons, turn to chapter one now & start reading. When I'm not writing, I'm having a laugh watching movies with my honey-boo, swimming like a star fish, or on mom duties with my grown-ups, or praising God in my own corner of the world. I dare you to read any or all of my steamy romance stories. I’ll love to hear from you.

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🔥🔥 Read any Flirty & Feisty Romance Novel & get Wowed! 🔥🔥
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Tuesday 21 July 2020

#BlackAuthorsMatter ~ #AuthorInterview with @bommer63

Hello Romance Lovers, 

Welcome again to my Series on Black Authors Matter. After my New Release; Longing for You: A BWWM Sweet & Steamy Romance hit Amazon US #1 New Release in African Literature on June 1st 2020 and became a #1 Amazon US Best Seller on 17th June 2020, I decided to start a movement to promote Black Romance Authors or Authors who write about characters of colour. Let me also add that Longing for You was also #2 Amazon UK Best Seller in African Literature on July 14th 2020!

In the coming weeks, I'm going to showcase one black romance author after another and their great books. 

It's Tuesday! OK, go get yourself a drink, take a long sip as you chill on a lounger because you are about to meet the number 22 Black Romance Author on my list. Her name is Author Vivienne Diane Neal! Vivienne was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York but she currently lives in Manhattan, New York City, USA. 

AUTHOR: Vivienne Diane Neal

BOOK TITLE: Café Mocha

GENRE: A Short Sensual Romance Story


Drum roll please...

We want to know a bit about your family life  

I am retired but still keep busy writing articles about love, romance, dating, and relationships and other topics of interest on my One World Singles Blog. I have been doing this since 2006. Before that, as a homebased businessperson, I was a Home Economics Consultant to several home health care agencies from 1980 until 1996. My role was to train housekeepers, homemakers, and home health aids in home management, basic nutrition, meal planning and preparation, and supermarket shopping and consumer education. I also published two newsletters: Gourmet News, and Features and Information. Working from home gave me the opportunity to devote all of my energy into running my service and setting my own hours.

What drives you to write romance stories?  

Actually, I am not a romance writer since my stories do not end happily ever after. I had submitted a short story titled Café Mocha to a site that was seeking romance stories for a summer read. The story was returned because it did not end happily ever after or happily for now. At that time, I did not realize that all romance stories had to end this way. What I did do was changed it around and made it a happy conclusion, but I did not resubmit the story. Instead, I decided to self-publish it. This is the only romance story I have written and it will be my last since I write stories that sometimes have sad or doomed finales. But then again, I should never say never. LOL

Do you have hidden messages woven into your stories?

Oh, yes. My stories focus on men and women who are seeking love, romance, or marriage; they end up meeting someone who they believe is their soul mate only to discover heartless people have deceived them. They rush into a relationship and ignore the in your face warning signs: not everything that glitters is gold, or the grass always looks better on the other side until you turn it over and see those rotten spots. The message is do not jump into a relationship without getting to know someone first, listen to what he or she doesn’t say and pay attention to the type of friends in his or her life, which will tell you lot about that individual.

What’s the best thing about your writing and publishing routine?

I do not have a strict routine when it comes to writing. If a story idea pops into my head, I will start to write without knowing where the story is heading or how it is going to end. I do not use an outline or storyboard. I must say my mind works in a haphazard way. I contribute that to my age. LOL My cousin described me as a “free style wrier” - I am free to write as I please without any restrictions, as long as my writings do not offend anyone.

What steps did you take to publish your first book?

I must say I did not intend to become an author. In 1986, I started a pen pal club, which became more of an introduction service because many people were not looking for pals but for lifetime partners. The meetings took place by snail mail through my publication HMCS Romance International. When the Internet was in full bloom, my service went viral. I signed up with a dating platform; members were joining but then the unthinkable occurred. The service closed my site without any warnings. I was making money, and the site was getting their commission. Even though people were signing on every month, the money generated was not large enough for this platform. People want to make big money without giving the site time to grow. Infuriated, I decided to write a book titled: Making Dollar$ And Cent$ Out Of Online Dating about the trials and tribulations I faced while running a dating service. The book started out as a paperback. I must say, I made every mistake there is. I cannot tell you how many times I had to edit this book before I felt comfortable selling it. It outsold all of my other six books and three very short stories.

How did you come up with the idea for your recent book/Who’s your favourite character and why?

In Malicious Acts, which is a collection of five short stories, my favorite character is Paradise Baptiste, a charlatan who pretends to be in love with a wealthy man and ends up pilfering his life’s savings, not once but twice, but in the end, she does something that makes me admire her.

What’s the hardest thing about the publishing process?

The most difficult part of publishing is that various self-publishing programs have different ways of formatting a book, especially an e-book. If you are doing e-books and paperbacks, formatting your work is completely different and can be difficult to grasp.

Why should a new reader buy your book(s)?

My stories have a universal appeal, are entertaining, witty, wicked, and at the same time serious when it comes to forming relationships around business, love, romance, and marriage. The narratives exposes some twists and turns, secrets and lies, infidelity, deception, scandal, lust, sensuality, betrayal, fraud, hoaxes, identify theft and unreciprocated love, and there will always be a hidden message behind each story and with endings you will never see coming.

Working on a new book/project?

I just wrote a very short story titled, Lurking Behind The Surface, which takes place during the Coronavirus pandemic. A stranger, pretending to be a local government worker, rings a woman’s doorbell; when she opens the door, she becomes impressed with the man’s good looks and charming personality, invites him into her unit, not realizing he is about to put together a sinister plan that will send her world into an infinite abyss. It is a mystery with a shocking ending.

Brag about any awards or badges.

My Blog, One World Singles Blog was one of the winners of the 2017 Black Pearl Literary Excellent Awards.

One of my books, Retribution Unleashed ranked No. 66 of Urban Books, Authors, & Writers of American’s Top 100 Books of 2013.

Any thoughts on Black Lives Matter Movement?

I believe if our lives do not matter then no lives matter.

Now to the Rapid Questions:

Your ideal Partner?
Is compassionate and caring.

Favourite place to write?

Choice trope to read?
Let sleeping dogs lie dead.

Preferred genre to read?
Suspense, thrillers, mysteries.

Best time of the day to write?

One food you can’t do without?

Favourite Drink Award go to?
Apple Juice with lemon and lime juice.

Best Dessert in the world?
Chocolate chip cookies.

Best Movie, or TV series Award go to?
The Haves and The Have Nots.

Beautiful Song Award go to?
The Call by Isabel Davis.

Amazing Band Award go to?
Earth, Wind & Fire.

Best Actor/Actress Award go to?
Denzel Washington/Viola Davis.

Your #1 Colour?

Perfect gift you hope to get someday?
A self-cleaning apartment LOL.

One fun thing you do?
Watch TV.

Never Have I…?
Gone bungee jumping.

Give readers your final thoughts about anything?

My mother once said, “When it comes to writing, you can’t please everybody; if you do, you will die trying.”

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Author Vivienne Diane Neal.

Read the blurb of Vivienne's book, Café Mocha below:

Also, don't forget to pick up any of Vivienne's other books.

Cinnamon Jones is a recent divorcée; she has decided to change her way of thinking when it comes to meeting men. No more will
she settle for someone who does not measure up to her high standards, which she did when she first met her husband, Horatio Jones

However, when he became successful, he dumped her. Will Cinnamon meet her idyllic man, or will she end up making the same mistake twice?


A BIT MORE ABOUT ~ Vivienne Diane Neal

Born in 1946, Vivienne Diane Neal is a writer, blogger, and an author. She is a storyteller with a wicked sense of humor, has been writing articles for over thirty-five years and started penning fictional short stories in 2007. 

Vivienne gets her story ideas from observing people, places, and things and watching true TV court cases and talk shows.

CONNECT with Vivienne Diane Neal
  If you would also love to get to know the previous author, click here.


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