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All of Me: "The beautifully written storyline hooked me right from the start and the characters are so fleshed out that I felt like I was standing in a room watching as the story unfolded between Roli and Jermaine! I really enjoyed the connection and the chemistry between these two characters!"
Read the full review here: Amazon and Goodreads Smashwords
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"You're Mine"...I enjoyed this book from the beginning so very much!! Meeting sassy Rachael and the very alpha Banjo was so amazing! Such a well-written story that is so unique and lovely!! Brought tears to my eyes because I was so in to this great storyline!!"  
Read the full review here: Amazon and Goodreads, Smashwords.

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Enticed Forever ~ A Hot, Fun & Flirty Love Story is available
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"Enticed Forever has a great storyline and the chemistry between Theo and Aize hooked me right into their story and kept me totally enthralled until the very end!" Read the full review here: Amazon and Goodreads.
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"Naked Attraction...The images that play in my mind as I read about locations, foods and situations seem as if I'm watching a movie....👏👏💕" Read the full review on Amazon and Goodreads


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Love at Christmas ~ A Sexy Romance

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LUST ~ A Sexy Romance
Check out this fabulous 5 star review on
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His Choice ~ A Sweet Paranormal Romance
A remarkable 5 star reviews on


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His Ring ~ A Sweet & Steamy Romance

(My hot new release)

5 star review on Amazon, Okada Books 
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INDECENT ~ So Seductive

Read reviews on Amazon, OkadaBooks
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Wild Whispers ~ A Tender Romance

5 star review on Okada Books & Smashwords.

Other reviews on are featured on Amazon.


Other reviews on Amazon & Goodreads

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Red Velvet Rose ~ A Valentine Romance

5 star review on

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Seduced Hearts ~ A Body ~ Tingling Romance

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When my hot new release, Seduced Hearts bagged whooping

Goodreads I was super delighted.

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Read Reviews on Amazon

When satisfied customers leave refreshing

Smashwords my joy soars.

Even when the review is less flattering on Amazon, it adds up to give me a splendid experience.

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Forbidden Dance ~ A Steamy Novella

Check out Vivienne Diane Neal's breath-taking 5 star review on Amazon & Goodreads

More reviews on Smashwords 

There are readers who summed up my books more than I could. I duff my heart to each one of my readers who have taken the time to write down their thoughts and  feelings.

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Royal Cowries

The first historical romance has stunning 5 star reviews on Amazon

Omolara wrote a beautiful 5 star review on Smashwords

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Kiss My Lips

The hottest novel has smashing 5 star reviews on Goodreads & Amazon.

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Stolen Valentine Kiss

I love how Stella introduces readers to the world of blue eyed Logan Blake and Lorna Ibe:

Read the full review here:

Put two people who are wary of love and yet have so much in common together and what you get is the push and pull involved in falling in love...

Read full review here:

Husband to Rent

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Stolen Kisses - Holiday Series (Box Set)

Lovely 5 star reviews on Amazon

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Thank you to all Flirty & Feisty Romance Readers for buying, reading and reviewing. I duff my hat to you and I want you to know that I hold you in high esteem.

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