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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

#BookReviews Are Inspiring for #Authors ~ #Readers #Books


As you may know, I released my 10th romance novel, Forbidden Dance ~ A Steamy Novella on July 15th 2015.
Since then, I have been involved in a buzz of promotional activities on Facebook. I have met and engaged with new readers and authors.

But I want to share my most fulfilling moment.

A few days ago, I received an email from Vivienne Diane Neal, a New York based author and blogger of One World Singles Magazine. In her email, she wrote: 
"I finished reading Forbidden Dance and enjoyed it immensely. I have left my review at:
When I clicked on the links, I saw a breathtaking 5 stars!!!
I was so thrilled.
That was not all.

The next day, I received another email from Vivienne with the title; "Just Finished Reading Royal Cowries".

My heart skipped a bit. I did not know what to expect. Did she like it? I wondered. What if she didn't enjoy it, my head screamed. It took at least 5 mins before I worked up the nerves to open the email.

And when I did, I almost cried. She rated Royal Cowries a brilliant 5 stars!!!
It is not only the rating that was so heart-warming, it was the in-depth review, her choice of words, her vivid picture of the characters, the setting, the storyline and so much more.
It was another brilliant 5 Star review for a romance story that took me 4 years to write. I felt so happy my feet floated in the air. No kidding.

So, I have posted bits of the reviews of my most recent novels as a celebration of my writing. And to let readers know that authors treasure and value their reviews.

If there were no readers, our writing would be in vain. Even if you think the story is not up to scratch, leave a review with comments on how the author can improve their writing.

Personally, I value all reviews. Reviews that call for me to improve drive me to sharpen my writing skills. For my last three books, I engaged the services of cover designers for a professional finish. I got another author who was great at giving me in-depth criticism on my plot, characters, grammar and so on to read my last four books.

REVIEWS are great!
FORBIDDEN DANCE ~ 5 star review
"The author knows how to hold a reader’s attention when it comes to cross-cultural romance...The narrative takes you from London to Casablanca, where the reader is taken on a whirlwind affair, filled with pleasure, lust, sensuality, and desire and sweltering sex. Quite frankly, I would have kicked Kyle to the curb when he first cheated, but I liked how Alero stood up to that prick of a husband when he attempts to win her back, with some surprising twists and turns. This story is a well-written, remarkable page-turning read..." Review on Amazon

ROYAL COWRIES ~ 5 star review
"This saga takes place during the late 1400s in Igodomigodo, an ancient city in Nigeria where men rule and women are beholden to the statutes of the land, a time where tradition, religion, combat, loyalty, principles, romance, love, and passion define a nation... When she crosses paths with Nagudia, a humble craftsman and warrior, it sets the backdrop for absorbing characters with outer and inner conflicts, secrets, greed, jealousy, hate, sibling rivalry, and scandal. The plot is packed with cliff-hanging scenarios. When a mutual attraction between Uvbi and Nagudia begins to grow, the story takes a surprising turn, with an ending that will leave you reeling. This story is relevant today with the mounting expectations and changing roles of women in a world that is still dominated by men. The author provides the reader with a different view of Africa, which is rarely seen in American historical writing...."
Review on Amazon
Thank you for visiting and reading my post. Please leave your comments. Love to read your views.
You remain unforgettable.
Have a splendid day.
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