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Thursday, 23 July 2015

When You Are In Trouble #LifeCrisis #Guilt

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When you find yourself in trouble what do you do?

Everyone gets into a tough situation at some point in their lives. When you experience difficulty, what is your first thought?

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Are you overwhelmed with feelings of guilt? Do you think you have done things wrong, so you are being punished and you deserve the troubles coming your way?

Quit thinking that way, except of course you make silly mistakes like cheating on your partner, gambling, stealing from your employers etc.

But if you suffer a house fire, end up homeless, or you are divorced, or you find it difficult to pay your children school fees, or you struggle to cope with being a mum, a wife and a worker or other human travails, be rest assured. You are not alone.

When you do the right things or make the right decisions, you still get into the rough waters of life. That is the way life works - full of joy and sadness, celebration of life and funerals. It has nothing to do with your guilt trip. So, stop beating yourself.

Now dust yourself up, chin up and realize that everything with a beginning has an end, including the many troubles you encounter.  God has not abandoned you. He will show up to rescue you, but first, you will learn to be patient and become more matured. 

Instead of giving in to fear, know that your troubles will pass and you will come out stronger and resilient. Good days are ahead. This is true as long as there is day and night.
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