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I’m Stella, Author & Publisher of 40 Flirty & Feisty Romance Novels. I’ve been married to my too-hot-to-handle, sexy husband for over 23 years, we have two adult children to God’s glory and live in London, UK. My romance stories feature sexy heroes who have hearts and souls and curvy heroines who are smart and know what they want. My lively, flawed characters who on their quest to find love will elevate your pulse rate, make your heart skip here & there, so that you’ll laugh, shed a tear sometimes and gasp for breath as their story unfolds. If an emotionally intense happy-ever-after is what you want coupled with a sprinkling of life lessons, turn to chapter one now & start reading. When I'm not writing, I'm having a laugh watching movies with my honey-boo, swimming like a star fish, or on mom duties with my grown-ups, or praising God in my own corner of the world. I dare you to read any or all of my steamy romance stories. I’ll love to hear from you.

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Monday 27 December 2010



Jerking suddenly, Tricia turned to look at the door and behold, there stood a stunning blond lady. She was coiffed in designer clothes no doubt. She was wearing a thick, brown fur coat. 
Where on earth did she come from? Canada or Moscow…?

   The blond lady had stunning blue eyes, that were narrowing at Tricia now as she screamed.

   ‘Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my fiancé’s house?’ she looked at Tricia from head to toe and must have decided she was no match for her. ‘By the way, where is Presky?’ she asked confrontationally.

   Tricia remained quiet. So Presky had a fiancée? And he was calling her ‘his baby’, ‘my lady’, and all manner of meaningless names.

   Tricia felt her heart aching all over again. She’d known it was too good to be true…to meet a handsome dude that was single and searching. But she’d ignored her gut instincts.

   She jerked again as the blond took two steps further into the living room, and shouted at the top of her earsplitting voice. ‘Are you deaf? I asked you where Presky was.’ When she didn’t receive any response from Tricia, she was enraged.

   ‘Listen to me, I have closed my eyes. Before I open them, I want you to take your lousy, plain self out of this house and never return, gold digger!’ with that outburst, the fair-haired lady stormed into Presky’s bedroom. Tricia heard her throwing things angrily.

   Tricia sat glued to the chair, amazed at how rotten words could tumble out so comfortably, from a lady’s mouth – a designer attired blond!

   She came back into the living room, looking like she was mistress of the house. When she saw that Tricia was still sitting and hadn’t moved, she stormed across the living area, towards the kitchen.

   She came back and as quick as lightning, Tricia felt the chill, rather than saw the cold water being poured over her face and neck. The aggressive blond witch had just tossed a glass of cold water at her!

   Tricia was too shocked at the attack to react. She just clutched at the wet top, and looked at the victorious expression on her fair-haired foe’s face as the door of the hallway flew open and Presky walked into the living room sweating from his exercise.

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Thursday 23 December 2010

THE GARDENER's ICE MAIDEN is out today 23/12/10

Flirty & Feisty Romance Novel presents their Christmas special National Novel Writing Month 2010 winnning title; THE GARDENER's ICE MAIDEN. It's out online today. Simply click; www.createspace.com/3517381.

This is a double package Christmas bumper for our readers. BEYOND the LADY was released last week. To order a copy, simply click; www.createspace.com/3495639.

MERRY CHRISTMAS and a prosperous NEW YEAR to all our readers.


Monday 20 December 2010

BEYOND the LADY - Promotion Lasts Until 21/01/11

Dear Fans, there’s an opportunity to win one copy of our third Flirty & Feisty Romance novel; BEYOND the LADY.

Here is how; just answer the following question correctly. What date, year and venue is Kate Middleton and Prince William getting married? To enter into our Promotion, click on Flirty & Feisty Facebook page; http://www.facebook.com/pages/Flirty-Feisty-Romance-Novels/117094721659024?v=wall&ref=pdem

It’s exciting. You might just get the answer right. The Winner will be picked by lucky dip.

Send your answers to flirty.feisty@gmail.com on or before 21st January 2011. The number of entries and the winner will be announced on the 21st of January 2011 by God’s Grace. This promo is open to all family members, friends, colleagues & well wishers.

Saturday 18 December 2010


It's interesting to discuss how to communicate with the one person you should be close to. Communication is such a chunky word, I'd prefer to tag it 'talking' to your spouse.

Talking is a two-way street. It involves dialoguing. That's speaking and receiving response. Be mindful that it might not always be a desirable response.

To start with, we'll lay down WHAT TO TALK ABOUT.

John and Pat sat on their fancy sofa, watching TV. No words were spoken between them for ten minutes! The minutes continued ticking away...still no words were uttered.

If you sit with your spouse in the living room, what would you be speaking about on an evening after work? There are a million and one neutral topics to latch onto. From news bites, politics, sports, NHS, friends to the changing weather, traffic, train cancellations. You can also move unto the more 'about you' theme; what happened at work, what you had for lunch, what the kids got up to, wider family issues etc. Stretching it further, you can discuss more specific topics niggling at your heart; money (abundance or a lack of it) how you feel about anything, including how you feel about your partner, your interests, your pains or gains etc. If nothing else, tell your partner, you missed them today! It never hurts to make your partner feel special. So, your well of topics must never run dry.

Next, we move on to How to actually talk.

You can speak with your partner verbally (actually talking) or using body language; Eyes (winking, eyeballing, hard staring, eyebrow raising etc. Mouth; blowing a kiss, pouting, smiling. Head; nodding, slanting your head, shaking your head etc.).

Posture can be used to 'speak'. Your posture can show interest or a lack of it. When Pat shows her back to John as he's bubbling with excitement about what happened at work for example, she's telling him to 'shut up', that she's not interested. Of course, her negative vibes is picked up by John. Without speaking, she's told her partner that what he has to say about work isn't important to her at that precise moment.

What Pat should rather do is tell John in a cool voice that she would rather talk about something more urgent. When she has captured his attention, she can state whatever is bothering her. Pat must remember to come back to John's 'suspended' speech about what happened at work. That way, both of their interests are addressed and talking will flow both ways.

Keep your fingers clicking on this blog for more on this crucial topic.

We'll continue on How To Talk To Your Spouse'.


Our Promise...is to deliver an intensely emotional experience you'll never forget.

Thursday 16 December 2010

BEYOND the LADY is out!!!

Yes. BEYOND the LADY is out today as promised. Thank God. Just in time before Xmas 2010. It was challenging, it was interrupted by another novel writing experience with the National Novel Writing Month competition in November. But by sheer hardwork, God's Grace, pushing and shoving, editing and re-editing, Flirty & Feisty Romance is excited to bring you our latest addition to our novel lists.

BEYOND the LADY...the story unfolds...when Vanessa Osasogie became a prostitute, she was sure it was the only way she could pay her way through school. However, when she clashed with a strong Christian man who was a willing captive in her net, she was bent on unleashing her seductive claws on him. In their soujorn together who will come tops? Will she suck Fred into her vile world with her lies, deceit, betrayal and hot seduction or will he keep her on the narrow and straight path of high moral standards?

The only way to find out is to order a copy of this freshly published novel from

http://www.flirtyandfeistyromancenovel.co.uk. It's the ideal gift for your friends, family and colleagues.

Our Promise...is to deliver an intense emotional experience.

Friday 10 December 2010

Do You Talk To Your Spouse?

What a silly question you would say! Communication (or simply put, talking to one another) in marriage is as vital as blood supply in the human body. It sounds easy and pretty straightforward that you would expect two people in a marriage to speak openly about every issue under the sun. But as you know, it doesn't always happen that way.
Sometimes, people in relationships can't seem to talk to their spouse for many reasons.

Check out these scenarios;

1. Mrs. Wife can't talk to her husband about how sad or angry she's in her relationship because she's scared he might tell her to leave! Or, he might be too proud to admit that there's a problem and face up to it. Men generally don't like to discuss sensitive issues. Am I right? Instead, he talks tough and tells his wife to 'grow up'. What happens next? She learns not to tell him how she truly feels.

2. If there is no trust because Mr. Husband has reasons to doubt the truth about what he's been told by Mrs. Wife, then, he withdraws and decides to keep matters close to his hefty chest. He begins to watch her like a hawk, not even bothering to sit with his wife to discuss anything at all. When he comes home, the conversation is checquered. And as soon as he's finished his meal, he pleads tiredness and goes to bed. The woman stays awake angry...and the next day, the cycle continues...

3. Yet again, if Mrs. Wife thinks that her husband is narrow-minded, that is, he will usually be intolerant about any matter, then, such issues wouldn't be discussed openly with him. Take for example, Mr. Husband doesn't like his in-law, neighbour or climate change etc. When such topics come up in their conversation, he flares up and becomes a different person. That irrational behaviour drives a wall up his wife's heart, and before you know it, their communication pattern becomes shaky...

4. Again, Mrs. Wife has been listening to gossip that her husband is cheating on her. Next, she becomes paranoid, looking for evidence, real or imaginary to confirm the heresay. Then, Mr. Husband is rebuked for late coming or he's accused of infidelity or lying by his wife. He consistently repeats that he's innocent. But his claim of innocence falls on deaf ears. What happens next? There will be a stonewall in their relationship and talking openly about other issues between the couple ceases. Anger, seething rage, heartache and pain emerges as cracks on their relationship. Of course, the couple stops talking altogether...

5. What if Mr. Husband prefers to engage in newspaper reading, news/football watching, Wii/TV games or other 'antisocial' activities? Mrs. Wife feels left out and doesn't feel included and loved. She might decide to go on a revenge course that excludes him as well. It becomes a point scoring, tit-for-tat affair, that will eventually degenerate into an immature relationship.

In our next session, we'll discuss 'How To Talk To Your Spouse'.


Tuesday 7 December 2010


It is with great pleasure I announce to our cherished readers that two new titles are due out just before Xmas 2010.

Hold your breath...BEYOND the LADY a story of a woman of easy virtue who casts her seductive net on a man of high moral standing is bound to exceed all your entertainment expectations. It's coming out by the 16th of December 2010. And, it's the ideal Xmas gift for your special friend, family or colleague.

And, our National Novel Writing Month 2010 Winning title; THE GARDENER's ICE MAIDEN will unfold the drama that takes place when a brilliant dental consultant is ensnared by her paid gardener! It will be released just before Xmas 2010. Be the first to order this acutely amusing and emotionally relaxing novel.

With Flirty & Feisty Romance titles, you will Feel the Passion...It's our promise

Friday 26 November 2010


THE GARDENER's ICE MAIDEN has won the National Novel Writing Month 2010 award!

It's with an overwhelming sense of fulfillment and gratitude to God Almighty that I announce that our phenomenal challenge of writing a brand new novel within the month of Novemeber has been crowned with success and honour.

To view our NANOWRIMO web badge and certificate, please click on our website: https://sites.google.com/site/flirtyandfeistyromancenovel/home
And to follow up on all Flirty & Feisty Romance Novel activities, click on the NEWS PLATFORM Page on our website at any time.

Thank you readers for all your support. Please leave comments. God bless you.

Tuesday 23 November 2010

Where Did You Meet Your Partner?

This is the question that revolves in my head when I hear of troubled marriages. The real question is, does the location where you met your partner matter a great deal in ensuring the long-term success of your marriage? Honestly, to put this little matter at rest, I'd really like to conduct a poll. It will be illuminating to get feedback from readers on where you met your better half.
To set the ball rolling, I'll start with myself. I met my husband at a watch night service (the all important Christian worship that heralds the new year. It holds on the 31st of December each year) in my Church; Arcbishop Vinning Memorial Cathedral Church in Lagos, Nigeria.
Usually, I get into an argument with some friends about whether or not the fact that a couple met at a bar, in a hotel, at a restaurant, bus-stop, city centre, pole dancing club and even more exciting places is a recipe for short-term marriage?
My poll questions are; where did you first set eyes on your spouse? And how long have you been married? Your responses will make an interesting read and certainly, reader's feedback will put to rest the flaky bits about this rather knotty subject.

Wednesday 17 November 2010


I have a quick update on my current challenge; writing a 50,000 words novel. I have penned down over 37,000 words of THE GARDENER's ICE MAIDEN. It's wonderfully exciting. I'm glad to tell you that Olivia the heroine has taken on a life of her own and Oliver, the hero is having to climb over his ex-convict, ex-gang member status to try and win over this medical doctor!


One question my husband always asks when he listens to marriage break-ups is, 'What was their motive for marrying each other?' and 'Where did they meet?' Often, we discuss and keep coming back to the basics.
If you're married, I would be delighted to hear from you on WHY you married your wife or husband.
It would be interesting to extend this topic further to talk about right and wrong reasons for marriage. This sounds very fundamental to me. But from personal interactions with many couples, it's possible that many people didn't quite explore their motives for marriage. You may wonder why this is relevant. I'll tell you how relevant your motive for marriage is to the sustainability of your relationship longterm.

Only yesterday (16/11/10), Prince William and Kate Meddleton announced their engagement. It's being long awaited. The whole world is buzzing with excitement. My husband and I were excited just watching Kate constantly look up at her Prince each time she was asked a question during the photocall and formal interview. And, watching William tap her hands and look at her in that romantic and supportive way brought back memoeries for us. Why is that, you may ask. During their interview, my husband told my two kids (10 and 7yrs old) that Kate Meddleton reminds him of me. He told them that during our Church wedding ceremony (4/12/99) we weren't listening to the Preacher or anyone else as we stared constantly into each other's eyes. Our kids laughed so hard. And my son confirmed that, 'Mummy still looks at you in the same way. You two make a perfect couple!'
I've been married for almost eleven years and I still thrust my hand through the crook of my husband's elbow even if we're going down the road or going to pick our kids from school.
I wish Prince William and Kate Meddleton long lasting happiness in their marriage. It's obvious that they are in love. When Kate was asked what she likes about her Prince - she said he was very supportive, he takes care of her, he teaches her... And Prince William said she had a sense of humour he liked and that she was special...
This is very much unlike Prince Charles and Lady Diana's wedding back in 1981. I remember watching that fairytale wedding on live television in Nigeria. I was only 9yrs old. Even then, their marriage seemed like a fairytale, nothing like LOVE oozing from Prince Charles eyes or arms...

Now lets go back to the reasons I married my husband almost eleven years ago. He is down-to-earth, very sensitive (when he takes a look at me, he can easily tell if I'm happy or sad...) exceptionally affectionate, romantic, disciplined (not going off doing anything in excess) he speaks a baggage of wise words... I felt like I'd known him all my life. I'd spent only a couple of hours with him when he popped the question of, 'Will you marry me?' Apparently, my husband knew me and had been planning on asking me to marry him, but I had no clue who he was. My story is so surreal, it's unbelievable. But that's what happens when you've spent endless hours praying for God's choice for you.

When your motive for marriage is pure, virtuous, honest etc. your marriage stands a good chance of weathering the stormy times that are sure to come down the years. But when your motives are dishonest or vile such as for financial security, on the rebound, because you're growing old, you want kids, or you want someone you can control, etc. When those motives expire or you are found out, your marriage might just hit the rocks. True or False?

See my website to check out my inspirational, contemporary romance novels; http://www.flirtyandflirtyromancenovel.co.uk/

Next topic is; Where Did You Meet Your Partner?

Saturday 6 November 2010


There is amazing news from Flirty and Feisty Romance Novels. Only yesterday, I entered a competition to write a brand new title called;THE GARDENER's ICE MAIDEN. It's an awesome challenge because I will have to start and complete this 50,000 words novel in November 2010. And, I started today, 6th November 2010!

I think I'm going a bit wacky! Why? You wonder. I'm still in the middle of editing my latest novel and here I am, embracing a whole, new, testy challenge. I love writing romance fiction. And if there's a competition anywhere in the world, I'd go for it headlong. Nothing gives me more pleasure than sitting by my computer with my fingers flying over the keys generating a brand new novel.

For our valued readers eagerly awaiting our promised upcoming new novel; BEYOND the LADY, which is due out before Christmas 2010, the schedule isn't affected by this new challenge.

BEYOND the LADY will be out in time for you to order it as a gift for your friends, families and colleagues at Christmas. Watch out and be the first to read the exciting story about a woman of easy virtue who intends to rock the world of a geneorus and religiously minded man...

Sunday 31 October 2010


I've been neck deep editing my third, inspirational, romance novel; BEYOND the LADY...

I'm totally absorbed and carried away with the depth and strength of the characters I've created in Vanessa and Frederick. Their personalities are utterly arresting.
Vanessa is engaged in the age long career of prostitution. She's driven to it by events in her life. Fred on the other hand is a moralist, fired up with religion. Their coming together is unplanned, their staying together is contrived and the unfolding drama leaves you with a few streaks of tears and a kick in your chest...

BEYOND the LADY is a story inspired by the many years of global stigma tainting any young woman of Bini origin, who lived outside the walls of Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.
The stigma is a direct consequence of the actions and exploits of young Bini ladies plying their trade as prostitutes in Italy.

I have found writing this story exciting, stimulating and thoroughly fulfilling.
BEYOND the LADY will be out before Christmas 2010 by God's Grace.

Saturday 16 October 2010

Would You Lie To Your Partner?

Sometimes, you hear people say they will lie to protect their spouse or family. At other times, some people say lying is acceptable if it means not hurting your partner.

Under what circumstance would lying to your spouse be acceptable? However, before we jump into answering that question, let's start from the basics; would you lie to your spouse at all? I mean, would your first instinct be to lie when asked a question by your partner? For example, you decide to stop over for a few drinks on your way from work with a few of your colleagues. But you hadn't mentioned it to your partner previously because it was a spontaneous outing. So, you run a bit late. You get a call from your partner asking you where you are and who you are with. Would your first reaction be to avoid speaking specifically about where you've been and who you've been with? Or would you naturally give your spouse the graphic details of your outing? Now, if you know your partner wouldn't be happy about your 'little outing', you might be tempted not to state the truth as it is, right? You might want to hesitate or discolour the simple facts. Therefore, you would have to lie or hold back the truth because you've done the exact opposite of what your partner would accept.
My take on that is, you've got to know what your spouse likes and dislikes. Discuss it and let him/her know that even though they dislike your going along to drinks with your colleagues, you enjoy loosening up right after a stressful day. When this simple matter is established and is accepted beforehand, you wouldn't need to lie or gloss over the facts.

If you can't be trusted with little things like, 'where have you been?', 'Why isn't my food ready?' etc. How can you be trusted with bigger issues such as; 'why are you back home so late?'

Personally, I don't think lying, discolouring the truth, paint brushing the lie or distorting the truth is necessary or sustainable at all.

My opinion?
Stick to the truth like magnet to metal and you wouldn't have anything to worry about in the long run. It's hard to keep track of lies. LIES have short legs. Lies aren't acceptable under any circumstance to me. When you lie (no matter how small, or white or black) trust is totally eroded. When TRUST evaporates in a relationship, nothing is left. Not even love. Because your partner becomes paranoid, suspecting you and watching you like a hawk. Eventually, you feel choked and the pressure gets to you. It's unhealthy for a relationship and it just might crack it open! Surely, your lies will eventually find you out because NOTHING is hidden under the sun.

I would really like readers views on this knotty issue

Thursday 7 October 2010


Flirty & Feisty Romance Novel launched it's website; www.flirtyandfeistyromancenovel.co.uk Please visit our site to keep up to date with new releases of our scintillating and stress-busting inspiring romance novels.

Rule no 7; PRAY
In every aspects of life, especially in marriage, don't underestimate the power or role of prayer. When you're in difficulties, PRAY. When your relationship is thriving, thank GOD. If it's lukewarm, ask for GOD's wisdom (ideas) on how to spice it up!

When you took the fantastic decision to stand before your family and friends, in front of a Priest to love each other forever, you also swore in front of GOD. Therefore, never leave GOD out of the relationship. Am talking from experience. God answers prayers. All it takes is for YOU to believe He is a rewarder of those that diligently seek HIM and that HE LOVES YOU!

Monday 27 September 2010

7 Rules on How To Keep Your Woman or Man - continued

Welcome to Advice Bench!

 My previous post was on the first 4 rules on how to keep your man or woman.

Here is the conclusion on the post.

Rule No. 5

LOVE-MAKING - The most important

Love making is vital in a healthy relationship, the way blood flows in our veins. If I have to personally score this all important rule, it will tilt well above 9 out of 10!

But even if sex was great and nagging was high, over time, your husband would seek peace elsewhere. Sex thrives better where there is peace.

However, you and your spouse must ensure love making is exploratory, spontaneous, adventurous and exciting. It is got to be so exciting that the thought of the next session is enough to make you tingle.

Explore your bodies together, find out what you enjoy and do it with joyous. Sex within the confines of marriage is God sent and meant to be enjoyed, not endured.

To put your spouse in the mood, you can send lewd texts, the type that would make him or her want to tear off your clothes the minute he or she walks into the house, or the minute you put the kids away.

Rule No. 5


You can't possibly be boring where food is concerned. If you are out of ideas, ask your friends, go on the internet, watch TV, take a cookery course, do anything and everything to try new recipes.
Courtesy of Sriracha Chicken

The minute you know your spouse's tastes, fix those meals and the variations of the meal as well.

Dear Husband, every so often, step into the kitchen and take charge. Cook your wife a meal, any meal, her favourite meal, whatever! And you will be glad you did.

And, after cooking, serve the food with a smile and a kiss and sit together to enjoy.

Rule No. 6


This allows you free time with your spouse. Very important for bonding all through the years of marriage. It is an opportunity to talk about everything under the sun, tease each other, laugh together, share your tensions, fears and stress.

If you never spend time together because you are consistently distracted and legally occupied by your attention-seeking children, when the children eventually leave the home, what happens? I will tell you.

There will be a yawning gap in your relationship and you will become increasingly uncomfortable when you are together. Why? Because you have nothing to talk about. You have drifted far apart over the years. You can't even carry on a conversation for an hour.

Can you not predict what happens afterwards? I can.

Your husband can't wait to get out of the home fast enough each day and night, and eventually, you may have had enough of the loneliness, lack of attention, sexless marriage etc. and you eventually pick up the courage to file for divorce.

It was only a kiss of death waiting to happen.

There is something you can do NOW. Hopefully, your children came after you met. So you should be strong friends all through your marriage, so that when they leave, you reminisce over the years you have built together.

Friendship in a relationship is not automatic. It takes time and effort. So start to build yours today with your spouse. In your later years, you will still hold hands when one of you is bent over.
 Rule No. 7


In every aspect of life, especially in marriage, don't underestimate the power or role of prayer.

When you are in difficulty, PRAY.

When your relationship is thriving, thank GOD.

If it's lukewarm, ask for GOD's wisdom (ideas) on how to spice it up.

When you took the fantastic decision to stand before your family and friends, in front of a Priest to love each other forever, you also swore in front of GOD.

Therefore, never leave GOD out of your relationship. I'm talking from experience. God answers prayers. All it takes is for YOU to believe He is a rewarder of those that diligently seek HIM and that HE LOVES YOU!

Thank you for stopping by.  Please leave comments so I know you popped in.
Have a wonderful week.
Flirty & Feisty Romance 

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Thursday 16 September 2010


Two days ago on the 14th of September 2010, Flirty & Feisty Romance Novels released a 2nd title; STORMY DEFENSE. It's a vibrant, tumultuous and sensational affair!
Take a sneaky preview at this thrilling and emotional, go-getting story;

At thirty-four, gutsy TV Presenter Kimberly Clark, was doing her best to stay focused on her job. She didn't want any distraction. but when she hopped on a train from work, she got more than she bargained for. Up against sexy Derek, there are sparks of fury and fireworks.

Charming Fitness Instructor, Derek Peterson at twenty-seven was only interested in expanding his sports business. There was no room for entagnlement however brief. when he runs across Kimberly, his only viable plan is a one night stand. Fiercely determined that the battle of wills is one he was bound to win, will his unstoppable charm bring the independent Kim to her knees?

Readers of this blog are being offered a 10% discount on STORMY DEFENSE. It's easy. Simply type in this discount code; 6LS7AAFY into www.createspace.com/3471917 e-store.

Thursday 2 September 2010

7 Rules on How To Keep Your Man or Woman #Dating #Marriage

Welcome to Advice Bench!
Keeping your man is a thriving topic of interest to any gathering of women. Why?

Every woman wants to retain the attention and love of their man for a long time.

So how can they do this? There are 7 rules.

Rule No. 1 


Nagging or making repeated statements on a particular issue  is sure to wind your husband or wife up. Woman, your husband wants you to shut up and let him enjoy your company in peace.

Rule No. 2


Whether you are tired, cooking, feeding the kids or dogs/cats, on the phone to your parents, or doing any chore whatsoever, drop it, the minute your husband puts his 'kingly' leg through the door. This applies even if you came in half a minute before him.

Photo is from sheknows.com

Your husband will feel loved, wanted, important and appreciated, just like a king. And his worries and stress will melt off his chest and shoulders as he looks forward to a relaxed time with you.  Yeah, even if your husband walks in late - as late as 2a.m! Pray for grace.

Yes, this rule applies to men too. Give your wife a warm hug and a kiss the minute she steps in through the door, no matter how late. She will feel like a queen and treat you like a king.

Rule no. 3 


This simply means manage what money you and your partner have at all times. It also means stop putting money making before your relationship or family. Are you still confused?

Okay. Are you are a nurse or a doctor? Wonderful, but must you work all the shifts under the sun? Remember, you are first, a wife or husband and next, a mother or father, before being a nurse or whatever else your profession is.

Get this simple fact straight.

But many women and men have misplaced priorities. They put their primary roles of husband, wife  father & mother on the last rung of the ladder. Only to find out many years later their daughter is pregnant at fifteen and their son is on drugs at age thirteen. They will find out their swollen bank account is of little comfort.

Rule No. 4


Husbands and wives sometimes drift miles away from their partners - emotionally & physically. Because they never see each other anyway. Why? They are both too busy working or not talking or sharing.

Whatever happened to both of you finding a work pattern that suits the family?

My advice:

Spend quality time with your man or woman.

Quality time includes sitting on the sofa and watching TV together, sharing family meals together and calling each other on the phone.

I'm sure some women are furious with me now. Yes! I understand there are bills to pay, and a woman needs a sense of achievement, but at what price?

A man wants a woman who can work around the family. It is not a bad thing. It is because women make a BIG difference in the family, in the work place and in the society. Not just to spend the money on an expensive high street shopping until she drops dead.

Be sensible. Help your husband or wife manage your resources for the good of the family.

There are more rules on how to keep your man in the next post.

Thank you for stopping by.  Please leave comments so I know you popped in.
Have a wonderful week.
Flirty & Feisty Romance 

Our promise...is to deliver an intensely emotional experience you'll never forget.

Thursday 26 August 2010

Stop Nagging: 4 Ways to Ask #LoveAffair #Marriage

Welcome to Advice Bench!

Today's post is a plea from the male folks.

Some men have asked me to write clearly on my blog that the number one reason they look outside their marriage is the consistent nagging from their once loving wives.

They have told me that when their wives start to nag, they just want to find a hole large enough to crawl into, so they can find perfect peace.

And usually, the search for peace ends up being in another woman's arms!

"Better it is to live in the wilderness than to stay with a nagging (quarrelsome) woman" ~ Prov. 21:19.

Women, do we agree?

My advice:

1. Quit Nagging 

Nagging means being quarrelsome. When you ask in a commanding, aggressive or annoying tone, you are nagging.

When you constantly harass (nag), you cause your husband anxiety, worry and stress. To de-stress, he runs away from you.

You need to learn the art of asking to receive.

2. Pillow Talk

Learn to engage in the art of pillow talk. 

Pillow talk means having intimate chat in bed, before or after sex. It is more effective because there is touching involved.
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Keep all important conversation and decision making till your heads hit the pillow. 

During foreplay, in the middle of lovemaking or right after sex is when you put in major requests. That is what prostitutes and girlfriends do. They get married men to part with houses and cars. You can also get anything you want from your husband. But, you have to be of 'good behaviour'.

What stops married women from being so clever in getting their way? Wives, be wise.

3. Seduce Your Husband

If you want to ask your husband for a large sum of money, special gift for you, your children or family, or you want any favours from him, then SEDUCE him. 

Take a shower, spray a lovely fragrance, wear sexy lingerie, prepare his favourite dish, massage his head and feet, whisper sweet nothing in his ear, handle him like a woman would and then ask for anything.

4. Pray

Remember to ask God to grant you constant favour in your husband's eyes.

Pray that your breasts will always satisfy him.

Pray that he would always love you all the days of your lives, to the point where he will be intoxicated with your love. Prov. 5:19.

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Wednesday 4 August 2010

How Long Does it Take a Woman to Get Dressed to Go out With Her Husband?

Welcome to Flirty & Feisty Romance Blog!

Today, I'm chatting about; How long it takes a woman to get dressed to go out with her husband?

This is a niggling question many husbands are asking?

They wonder and murmur, 'when I'm going out with my wife, she starts to dress up half an hour before me, but by the time I'm done kitting up twenty minutes later, yes 20 minutes later, my wife is still applying make-up.'

When he asks his wife how much longer she needs, she says 'five more minutes'.

Half an hour later, she's still applying lipstick.

How much longer do you still need to get ready? he asks his wife. She answers, 'just a little more time. Another five minutes'.

By this time, Mr. Husband is totally exasperated, angry, hooting his horn, or tapping his feet in frustration.

Twenty minutes later (which amounts to 30 + 20 + 30 + 20mins = 1hr 40minutes in reality) she finally comes out dressed.

Personally, it takes me at least an hour and a half to get showered and dressed, so says my charming husband. He said to me yesterday, 'how long does it take you to get dressed my dear wife?' I laughed heartily, because I have to endure a lengthy speech every time we have to go out.

Now (four years after the original post) I have finally learnt the key. I now start getting washed and dressed long before we have to go out. So, I still spend the same time (an hour and a half) but my husband gets less exasperated. Lol!

My question is simple, how long does it take you as a woman to get showered and dressed compared to your husband?

Readers are welcome to share their experience on this topic.

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Our promise...is to deliver an intensely emotional experience you'll never forget.



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