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Monday, 27 September 2010

7 Rules on How To Keep Your Woman or Man - continued

Welcome to Advice Bench!

 My previous post was on the first 4 rules on how to keep your man or woman.

Here is the conclusion on the post.

Rule No. 5

LOVE-MAKING - The most important

Love making is vital in a healthy relationship, the way blood flows in our veins. If I have to personally score this all important rule, it will tilt well above 9 out of 10!

But even if sex was great and nagging was high, over time, your husband would seek peace elsewhere. Sex thrives better where there is peace.

However, you and your spouse must ensure love making is exploratory, spontaneous, adventurous and exciting. It is got to be so exciting that the thought of the next session is enough to make you tingle.

Explore your bodies together, find out what you enjoy and do it with joyous. Sex within the confines of marriage is God sent and meant to be enjoyed, not endured.

To put your spouse in the mood, you can send lewd texts, the type that would make him or her want to tear off your clothes the minute he or she walks into the house, or the minute you put the kids away.

Rule No. 5


You can't possibly be boring where food is concerned. If you are out of ideas, ask your friends, go on the internet, watch TV, take a cookery course, do anything and everything to try new recipes.
Courtesy of Sriracha Chicken

The minute you know your spouse's tastes, fix those meals and the variations of the meal as well.

Dear Husband, every so often, step into the kitchen and take charge. Cook your wife a meal, any meal, her favourite meal, whatever! And you will be glad you did.

And, after cooking, serve the food with a smile and a kiss and sit together to enjoy.

Rule No. 6


This allows you free time with your spouse. Very important for bonding all through the years of marriage. It is an opportunity to talk about everything under the sun, tease each other, laugh together, share your tensions, fears and stress.

If you never spend time together because you are consistently distracted and legally occupied by your attention-seeking children, when the children eventually leave the home, what happens? I will tell you.

There will be a yawning gap in your relationship and you will become increasingly uncomfortable when you are together. Why? Because you have nothing to talk about. You have drifted far apart over the years. You can't even carry on a conversation for an hour.

Can you not predict what happens afterwards? I can.

Your husband can't wait to get out of the home fast enough each day and night, and eventually, you may have had enough of the loneliness, lack of attention, sexless marriage etc. and you eventually pick up the courage to file for divorce.

It was only a kiss of death waiting to happen.

There is something you can do NOW. Hopefully, your children came after you met. So you should be strong friends all through your marriage, so that when they leave, you reminisce over the years you have built together.

Friendship in a relationship is not automatic. It takes time and effort. So start to build yours today with your spouse. In your later years, you will still hold hands when one of you is bent over.
 Rule No. 7


In every aspect of life, especially in marriage, don't underestimate the power or role of prayer.

When you are in difficulty, PRAY.

When your relationship is thriving, thank GOD.

If it's lukewarm, ask for GOD's wisdom (ideas) on how to spice it up.

When you took the fantastic decision to stand before your family and friends, in front of a Priest to love each other forever, you also swore in front of GOD.

Therefore, never leave GOD out of your relationship. I'm talking from experience. God answers prayers. All it takes is for YOU to believe He is a rewarder of those that diligently seek HIM and that HE LOVES YOU!

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