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Wednesday 29 November 2017

Are You Broken or Did Your Spouse #Cheat? #Wedding

Many married men and women say they would never forgive their spouse if they cheated.

I don't know what I would do if it ever happened to me. I don't think anyone really knows what they would do in advance.

But I have seen many women forgive their cheating husbands one or two slip-ups. It only becomes harder to forgive when he becomes a serial cheat. It becomes a heart-breaking marriage.

Even though some women forgive their cheating husbands, they usually don't forget his 'mistake', reminding him every chance they get.

Many women have kicked out their husbands for cheating. Can anyone blame them? No, because we are not in their shoes.

Can YOU forgive and forget an infidelity?

Forgetting means it does not hurt when you recall the mistake. And you don't bring it up to hurt your spouse.

For married men, the story is different. Men in general find it almost impossible to forgive the slip-ups if their wives cheat. Ego plays a big part.

And also, infidelity is the ONLY sin stated in the Bible as the basis for asking out of a marriage if you cannot cope. However, we are encouraged to FORGIVE as many as 70 X 7 times if someone hurts us. Infidelity was not listed as one of the mistakes that should not be forgiven.

The Truth

Look at it this way. If your wife or husband is SORRY, and is willing to work on being faithful and asks for your forgiveness and for both of you to work for the good of your marriage, maybe you should open your heart to the possibility of getting past the horrible mistake.

Remember, the OTHER WOMAN or MAN is the stranger, not you.

You are married and you vowed to stay married for better or worse. Well, your wife or husband just dug some 'worse' rubbish on you by cheating. 

Are you going to remember your wedding day and your spoken Vow?

As hurtful and painful as it is, it is NOT the end of the world.

How do I know? Well, I was cheated on a long time ago (when I was in Uni), years before I met my husband and got married.

It was a life-changing experience for me. It was like someone took a sword and stabbed my heart. 

Do you know how I got HEALED and started again and now have the best marriage for the past eighteen years?

I met someone special, someone who loved the wretched, broken me. After I asked him for help, he took my hand in his and HEALED my heart and my soul and I became brand new. His name is JESUS CHRIST. 

Are you broken? Are you hurt deep in your soul by the one person you thought was your main stay? 

You Can

Cry as hard as you can, but DON'T GIVE UP.

Do Not

1. Don't harden your heart.

2. Don't go drinking or smoking.

3. Don't go on a revenge binge. 


1. Just sit in the quietness of your room, pour your heart out to JESUS CHRIST. You don't need to have known him yet to do this, believe me. 

2. Just talk about your pain, your disappointments, your mistakes and ask him to heal your broken heart and soul.

Is it that easy? Oh yes. 

3. When you feel up to it, ask him to help you forgive your husband or wife or friend who betrayed and hurt you.

Life-Transforming Good News
1. Download a free Bible App on your smartphone and quickly read Romans chapter 10 verse 9-10.

2. Afterwards, flip to Philippians chapter 4 verse 6.

3. Read all about Jesus Christ in the Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.


1. We all make mistakes because we are not perfect. You do too. And I do. 

2. But we can choose to forgive or we can ask for help to forgive.

I ask for help from God to help me forgive when I find it difficult. You can do the same too.

3. The choice is yours. 

4. But happiness comes from letting go of hurts and pain locked away in your heart and bones. 

5. So do yourself a huge favour by forgiving your husband or wife of their infidelity and praying for them to overcome their weaknesses and to remain faithful.

My Sweet News

My 18th Wedding Anniversary is this weekend, by God's grace and they have been the most blissful, joyous, loving and happiest years of my life. And I'm looking forward to having a fabulous time with my Sweetheart. Thank God for my marriage.

I wish you many happy and fruitful years in your marriage.

More grace from God.

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Monday 27 November 2017

#Romance #Quotes #Monday192

Hello Romance Lovers,

Welcome to Romance Quotes Monday! 

How did you enjoy your weekend?

Find three romance quotes for you to share with your loved one this week.


RomQuote #1 

RomQuote #2 

RomQuote #3

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Friday 24 November 2017

Color of Love Blog Hop #IR #CoLHop2017 #coloroflovehop


Welcome to the 2017 edition of the COLOR OF LOVE Blog Hop co-hosted by Empi BaryehKiru TayeNana Prah, and Love Bites and Silk.This year's hop is on from today 23 November to December, 2017.

We're celebrating People of Color in romance and offering you a chance to discover new books and new authors, as well as giving you a chance to win prizes. We have 30 blogs participating this year, each featuring an interracial or multicultural romance book!

To celebrate People of Colour in romance, I'm featuring my New Release, a Sweet & Sexy Christmas Romance titled, Your Christmas Gift

In this story, you will meet my smart and beautiful African-American heroine, Kimani Carter and my sexy and brutally exciting Nigerian hero., Femi Oladokun.

Femi & Kimani

When a drop-dead gorgeous therapist, Femi Oladokun who cannot help himself is forced to spend his holiday with Kimani Carter, an event planner with killer curves and feisty attitude, heat sizzles like wild flame. 

Add on Goodreads if you want to add heat to your holiday!

Genre: Romance/Contemporary/Interracial/African American/Christmas Romance

Release Date: Monday 13th November 2017

Word Count: 69,934 words

Price: 99c only

Putting up both hands, Femi appealed. “Calm down. You got down and dirty and I did the same. I’m just winding you up. Why would I kiss you without your consent? If I kiss you, it would be because you begged me to and I’ll turn you down anyway. My lips aren’t meant to kiss every woman in sight, lovely-looking or not.”


Kimani burst into laughter, but she swiftly covered her mouth with both hands while she squeezed her eyes shut, rocking on her feet.


Thank God,” Femi sighed as a slow chuckle crawled out of his mouth.


Something he said finally ripped her angst to shreds. The sound of her laughter warmed his skin, coating his insides with refreshing heat. Tender feelings settled in the pit of his stomach, putting up a soft root.


“Now I know you’re crazy!” Kimani alleged when she stopped shaking with laughter. “Why would I beg you for a kiss?”


Her grey top lip and her slightly pink bottom lip parted in half as if she wanted him to break his rules and kiss her. But he dared not. Kimani looked like she would hit his face without hesitation if he crossed the line. And he had no intention of kissing any woman.


Gesturing at the single sofa, he pleaded. “I agree. You don’t appear like a woman in desperate need for my kiss. Sit down, please.”


Rolling her eyes upward, Kimani returned to her seat. And he shifted his chair slightly to face hers. Now, he could look straight at her to catch her every expression.


Deep inside, this woman seemed like an epitome of grace and loveliness. And it would not be awful to spend time peeling off her cold and rusty outer layers after all.


Maybe this Christmas season just dragged in a mystery bundle for him to unravel.


A Flirty & Feisty Romance Novel

 ~ Their attraction sizzles…like a wild flame ~

Femi Oladokun stretched out on the sofa at his hideaway penthouse days before Christmas. Darkness eats up his heart slowly because he is a therapist who cannot help himself. In the last six years, he has spent the festive season alone. When a dark-haired woman with killer curves, slanted eyes and feisty boldness storms inside his suite like a cyclone asking him to pack his belongings, he knows he must kick her out. Yet, his stomach walls curl with tension as she rattles his peace.

Tired after her long-haul flight two days before Christmas, Event Planner, Kimani Carter just wants a luxury bed to lie on in the penthouse she is told is vacant. This season she knows her single Christmas wish will go unanswered as always and the dark pain in her heart will linger. All she wants this year is to be alone. But when she strolls inside the suite, the drop-dead gorgeous, tattooed man splayed on the sofa donning only hip-hugging grey boxers and a brutal tongue send her body and her holiday into utter confusion.

Will the season work its magic to bring Femi and Kimani their Christmas gifts?


So here's what's up for grabs:


We’re introducing daily book prizes. Be sure to comment on blog posts and join the conversation on our 
FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE for a chance to win one of our 24 book prizes.



Enter the RAFFLECOPTER GIVEAWAY for a chance to win:
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To win a free copy of my New Release, Your Christmas Gift, share the reasons why you read Interracial Romance Stories.

Just before you go, check out any of my 20 Interracial/Multicultural romance novels here: Flirty & Feisty Romance Novels.

Hot & Sexy Collection ~ 99c each

Go and check out other blogs.

Happy Hopping!

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Our promise...is to deliver an intensely emotional experience you'll never forget.



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