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I’m Stella, Author & Publisher of 40 Flirty & Feisty Romance Novels. I’ve been married to my too-hot-to-handle, sexy husband for over 23 years, we have two adult children to God’s glory and live in London, UK. My romance stories feature sexy heroes who have hearts and souls and curvy heroines who are smart and know what they want. My lively, flawed characters who on their quest to find love will elevate your pulse rate, make your heart skip here & there, so that you’ll laugh, shed a tear sometimes and gasp for breath as their story unfolds. If an emotionally intense happy-ever-after is what you want coupled with a sprinkling of life lessons, turn to chapter one now & start reading. When I'm not writing, I'm having a laugh watching movies with my honey-boo, swimming like a star fish, or on mom duties with my grown-ups, or praising God in my own corner of the world. I dare you to read any or all of my steamy romance stories. I’ll love to hear from you.

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Monday 27 December 2010



Jerking suddenly, Tricia turned to look at the door and behold, there stood a stunning blond lady. She was coiffed in designer clothes no doubt. She was wearing a thick, brown fur coat. 
Where on earth did she come from? Canada or Moscow…?

   The blond lady had stunning blue eyes, that were narrowing at Tricia now as she screamed.

   ‘Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my fiancé’s house?’ she looked at Tricia from head to toe and must have decided she was no match for her. ‘By the way, where is Presky?’ she asked confrontationally.

   Tricia remained quiet. So Presky had a fiancée? And he was calling her ‘his baby’, ‘my lady’, and all manner of meaningless names.

   Tricia felt her heart aching all over again. She’d known it was too good to be true…to meet a handsome dude that was single and searching. But she’d ignored her gut instincts.

   She jerked again as the blond took two steps further into the living room, and shouted at the top of her earsplitting voice. ‘Are you deaf? I asked you where Presky was.’ When she didn’t receive any response from Tricia, she was enraged.

   ‘Listen to me, I have closed my eyes. Before I open them, I want you to take your lousy, plain self out of this house and never return, gold digger!’ with that outburst, the fair-haired lady stormed into Presky’s bedroom. Tricia heard her throwing things angrily.

   Tricia sat glued to the chair, amazed at how rotten words could tumble out so comfortably, from a lady’s mouth – a designer attired blond!

   She came back into the living room, looking like she was mistress of the house. When she saw that Tricia was still sitting and hadn’t moved, she stormed across the living area, towards the kitchen.

   She came back and as quick as lightning, Tricia felt the chill, rather than saw the cold water being poured over her face and neck. The aggressive blond witch had just tossed a glass of cold water at her!

   Tricia was too shocked at the attack to react. She just clutched at the wet top, and looked at the victorious expression on her fair-haired foe’s face as the door of the hallway flew open and Presky walked into the living room sweating from his exercise.

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Thursday 23 December 2010

THE GARDENER's ICE MAIDEN is out today 23/12/10

Flirty & Feisty Romance Novel presents their Christmas special National Novel Writing Month 2010 winnning title; THE GARDENER's ICE MAIDEN. It's out online today. Simply click; www.createspace.com/3517381.

This is a double package Christmas bumper for our readers. BEYOND the LADY was released last week. To order a copy, simply click; www.createspace.com/3495639.

MERRY CHRISTMAS and a prosperous NEW YEAR to all our readers.


Monday 20 December 2010

BEYOND the LADY - Promotion Lasts Until 21/01/11

Dear Fans, there’s an opportunity to win one copy of our third Flirty & Feisty Romance novel; BEYOND the LADY.

Here is how; just answer the following question correctly. What date, year and venue is Kate Middleton and Prince William getting married? To enter into our Promotion, click on Flirty & Feisty Facebook page; http://www.facebook.com/pages/Flirty-Feisty-Romance-Novels/117094721659024?v=wall&ref=pdem

It’s exciting. You might just get the answer right. The Winner will be picked by lucky dip.

Send your answers to flirty.feisty@gmail.com on or before 21st January 2011. The number of entries and the winner will be announced on the 21st of January 2011 by God’s Grace. This promo is open to all family members, friends, colleagues & well wishers.

Saturday 18 December 2010


It's interesting to discuss how to communicate with the one person you should be close to. Communication is such a chunky word, I'd prefer to tag it 'talking' to your spouse.

Talking is a two-way street. It involves dialoguing. That's speaking and receiving response. Be mindful that it might not always be a desirable response.

To start with, we'll lay down WHAT TO TALK ABOUT.

John and Pat sat on their fancy sofa, watching TV. No words were spoken between them for ten minutes! The minutes continued ticking away...still no words were uttered.

If you sit with your spouse in the living room, what would you be speaking about on an evening after work? There are a million and one neutral topics to latch onto. From news bites, politics, sports, NHS, friends to the changing weather, traffic, train cancellations. You can also move unto the more 'about you' theme; what happened at work, what you had for lunch, what the kids got up to, wider family issues etc. Stretching it further, you can discuss more specific topics niggling at your heart; money (abundance or a lack of it) how you feel about anything, including how you feel about your partner, your interests, your pains or gains etc. If nothing else, tell your partner, you missed them today! It never hurts to make your partner feel special. So, your well of topics must never run dry.

Next, we move on to How to actually talk.

You can speak with your partner verbally (actually talking) or using body language; Eyes (winking, eyeballing, hard staring, eyebrow raising etc. Mouth; blowing a kiss, pouting, smiling. Head; nodding, slanting your head, shaking your head etc.).

Posture can be used to 'speak'. Your posture can show interest or a lack of it. When Pat shows her back to John as he's bubbling with excitement about what happened at work for example, she's telling him to 'shut up', that she's not interested. Of course, her negative vibes is picked up by John. Without speaking, she's told her partner that what he has to say about work isn't important to her at that precise moment.

What Pat should rather do is tell John in a cool voice that she would rather talk about something more urgent. When she has captured his attention, she can state whatever is bothering her. Pat must remember to come back to John's 'suspended' speech about what happened at work. That way, both of their interests are addressed and talking will flow both ways.

Keep your fingers clicking on this blog for more on this crucial topic.

We'll continue on How To Talk To Your Spouse'.


Our Promise...is to deliver an intensely emotional experience you'll never forget.

Thursday 16 December 2010

BEYOND the LADY is out!!!

Yes. BEYOND the LADY is out today as promised. Thank God. Just in time before Xmas 2010. It was challenging, it was interrupted by another novel writing experience with the National Novel Writing Month competition in November. But by sheer hardwork, God's Grace, pushing and shoving, editing and re-editing, Flirty & Feisty Romance is excited to bring you our latest addition to our novel lists.

BEYOND the LADY...the story unfolds...when Vanessa Osasogie became a prostitute, she was sure it was the only way she could pay her way through school. However, when she clashed with a strong Christian man who was a willing captive in her net, she was bent on unleashing her seductive claws on him. In their soujorn together who will come tops? Will she suck Fred into her vile world with her lies, deceit, betrayal and hot seduction or will he keep her on the narrow and straight path of high moral standards?

The only way to find out is to order a copy of this freshly published novel from

http://www.flirtyandfeistyromancenovel.co.uk. It's the ideal gift for your friends, family and colleagues.

Our Promise...is to deliver an intense emotional experience.

Friday 10 December 2010

Do You Talk To Your Spouse?

What a silly question you would say! Communication (or simply put, talking to one another) in marriage is as vital as blood supply in the human body. It sounds easy and pretty straightforward that you would expect two people in a marriage to speak openly about every issue under the sun. But as you know, it doesn't always happen that way.
Sometimes, people in relationships can't seem to talk to their spouse for many reasons.

Check out these scenarios;

1. Mrs. Wife can't talk to her husband about how sad or angry she's in her relationship because she's scared he might tell her to leave! Or, he might be too proud to admit that there's a problem and face up to it. Men generally don't like to discuss sensitive issues. Am I right? Instead, he talks tough and tells his wife to 'grow up'. What happens next? She learns not to tell him how she truly feels.

2. If there is no trust because Mr. Husband has reasons to doubt the truth about what he's been told by Mrs. Wife, then, he withdraws and decides to keep matters close to his hefty chest. He begins to watch her like a hawk, not even bothering to sit with his wife to discuss anything at all. When he comes home, the conversation is checquered. And as soon as he's finished his meal, he pleads tiredness and goes to bed. The woman stays awake angry...and the next day, the cycle continues...

3. Yet again, if Mrs. Wife thinks that her husband is narrow-minded, that is, he will usually be intolerant about any matter, then, such issues wouldn't be discussed openly with him. Take for example, Mr. Husband doesn't like his in-law, neighbour or climate change etc. When such topics come up in their conversation, he flares up and becomes a different person. That irrational behaviour drives a wall up his wife's heart, and before you know it, their communication pattern becomes shaky...

4. Again, Mrs. Wife has been listening to gossip that her husband is cheating on her. Next, she becomes paranoid, looking for evidence, real or imaginary to confirm the heresay. Then, Mr. Husband is rebuked for late coming or he's accused of infidelity or lying by his wife. He consistently repeats that he's innocent. But his claim of innocence falls on deaf ears. What happens next? There will be a stonewall in their relationship and talking openly about other issues between the couple ceases. Anger, seething rage, heartache and pain emerges as cracks on their relationship. Of course, the couple stops talking altogether...

5. What if Mr. Husband prefers to engage in newspaper reading, news/football watching, Wii/TV games or other 'antisocial' activities? Mrs. Wife feels left out and doesn't feel included and loved. She might decide to go on a revenge course that excludes him as well. It becomes a point scoring, tit-for-tat affair, that will eventually degenerate into an immature relationship.

In our next session, we'll discuss 'How To Talk To Your Spouse'.


Tuesday 7 December 2010


It is with great pleasure I announce to our cherished readers that two new titles are due out just before Xmas 2010.

Hold your breath...BEYOND the LADY a story of a woman of easy virtue who casts her seductive net on a man of high moral standing is bound to exceed all your entertainment expectations. It's coming out by the 16th of December 2010. And, it's the ideal Xmas gift for your special friend, family or colleague.

And, our National Novel Writing Month 2010 Winning title; THE GARDENER's ICE MAIDEN will unfold the drama that takes place when a brilliant dental consultant is ensnared by her paid gardener! It will be released just before Xmas 2010. Be the first to order this acutely amusing and emotionally relaxing novel.

With Flirty & Feisty Romance titles, you will Feel the Passion...It's our promise

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