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🔥🔥 Read any Flirty & Feisty Romance Novel & get Wowed! 🔥🔥
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Tuesday 27 November 2018

Is #Rape a #Weapon against Women? #Forcedsex #Crime




  1. Rape is a Weapon against Women!  
2. Rape is a violent crime!

3. Rape humiliates and dehumanizes women!
4. There is no reason good enough to justify this crime!
5. Rape happens everyday and women get killed!
 These issues hit my thoughts when I woke up this morning.

Every day girls and women are raped at home, in bars, at parties, along the alleyway and in bushes by men they know or by total strangers. Some are killed, others are threatened.
Some sick fathers rape their daughters. Evil uncles rape their nieces. Vile brothers rape their sister's friends. Terrible men rape women they don't know in parties, bars and in other places.

Whether these victims speak out or not, too many of these raped women find their lives turned into a terrible mess.

1. They feel violated, humiliated, devalued and sometimes are afraid to go outside.

2. Some even become depressed especially when their attackers walk freely and go on to rape other women.

3. They feel unsafe, unprotected and unloved.

4. A few may even develop mental health problems and end up suicidal.

I tell you for a fact that Rape is a Weapon of Mass Destruction against Women.

Say No to Rape today!

My Question to the Rapists:
1. Do you value yourself more now that you have joined the gang and cult of evil men with no conscience?
2. Are you proud of who you are? If you are proud of ripping off a woman's panties and sticking your vile penis inside her, then shout it from the rooftop that you are an achiever in raping women.
3. What if you entered your home and you met your sister or mother on the floor crying in shame and humiliation? When you ask her what the problem is, she tells you she was raped!

4. So what would you do if your own sister, cousin, girlfriend, wife or your mother was forced to have sex against her will?

I bet you will get so angry you will not just threaten to kill the rapist, you will go ahead to do it if you get the chance. 

So also you deserve to get locked up in prison for your horrific crime against women and for unleashing your weapon of mass destruction against any helpless woman.

5. Why does it hurt you beyond measure when your blood relative  or girlfriend is raped?

You tell yourself it is because your sister or girlfriend is a good girl, right? And your mum does not deserve such inhuman treatment.

Aha! Back to my point, so you rationalize you raping the drunk woman in the bar by saying she deserved what she got because she had too much to drink, but your sister did nothing wrong.

6. Rapist, who made you the moral police to rape women you consider have no morals? Or women who say NO to you?

If you have appointed yourself the moral judge of character, by all means, make an Identity Card for yourself bearing the title of Rapist on Patrol and wear it around your neck with pride.

Look in the mirror and call yourself by your real name - you are an animal, vile, ruthless, soul-eater, body-destroyer and a rapist.
I bet your mother will regret the day she gave birth to you if she finds out who you really are, right?
Rapist, I DON'T CARE

1. If the woman you raped had the bad sense of judgment to get drunk in a bar or at a party.
2. If she wore a see-through dress or a micro-mini body-shaping dress or skirt.

3. If she wears only her panties and bra and dances on a bar table and flirts with you. Flirting is not a crime.

4. Or if she walks around topless in a beach.

5. If you were pressured into gang-raping a woman who was walking alone in a dark street, tipsy.

6. Or they are people you have authority over, like children or teenagers in foster care, or women who look up to you for promotion or inclusion in teams (football, music, sports in general).

7. Or girls taken to church to develop their spiritual lives.


1. When you see an unaccompanied woman tipsy or drunk in a bar, shut up your erect penis by going into the bathroom to get rid of the sperm alone, then go back and help the drunk woman get a taxi home. A good deed always get rewarded now or in the future.

2. If you see a woman wearing a short skirt or dress, look elsewhere. Whatever you do, keep your penis zipped up.

3. If you are walking along a dark, lonely street and you are with your friends who come up with the brainless idea of raping a woman, stop them and tell her to run home!

4. Some rape victims get pregnant and have kids, so you might have a child who will never call you dad.

For goodness sake do something good for once in your life. The world could use more kind people. Be different. Be decent.
Rapists, I will tell you a few harsh truths.

1. As a rapist, you are a horrible, nasty, piece of dung that is a waste of space.
If your parents, neighbours, people you work with or go to school with found out you raped or continue to rape women, what do you think will happen? How will you justify your irreprehensible actions?
Turn away from committing crime against women and humanity.
2. Expect your wicked actions to come back and bite your backside. One day you will come face to face with the woman you raped because every hidden thing will come to light.

3. Karma is a bitch, some people say. Imagine you get married and one day your daughter gets raped or your wife gets overpowered and raped. Your dark sin will torment your soul until you confess.

1. Acknowledge that you have done evil against the women you forced to have sex, the women you violated, humiliated and turned their lives into a hot mess.
2. If you are excited at the sight of a sexy woman or vulnerable woman, then calmly take yourself into a bathroom and get rid of the sperm yourself and then flush it down the drain. Take control of yourself and don't be led down a dark path by your crime-inflicting penis.

3. Pray to make a good difference in the world. Don't destroy a woman who is created in God's image. You will never go scot free even if you don't go to jail. God's eyes sees everything you do, even the rape along a dark street.
4. Stop your friends or any man you know who rapes women from carrying on. How? You can tip off the police anonymously. Do something instead of nothing.
1. Speak out about the rape to someone you trust. It will lessen the burden you carry.

2. Don't blame yourself for getting raped. He committed the crime against you, not the other way around.

3. If you have the courage, report it as soon as it happens. Rapists get convicted more now than in the past. It will shame him and stop him hurting other women.

4. DO NOT let this vile crime define who you are or keep you down. Get on with your life. You are STRONGER than you think.

5. If you ever see your attacker, call him by his name - A Rapist!

6. If you feel raw and on the brink, change location or seek help from your GP. They should be able to refer you to get appropriate assistance. 

7. Visit a therapist. 

8. Say NO to rape, a weapon of destruction to women.
In summary, Rape has no place in a decent society.

Rape is a weapon of mass destruction against women and it must be vanquished.

Keep every rapist behind bars.

I wish all victims a healthy and fulfilling life after your ordeal.

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