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Welcome to Flirty & Feisty Romance 

Book Review Corner!

I'm not your traditional book reviewer. I love romance stories with a passion so great, I have decided to post short reviews on books I have read and thoroughly enjoyed.

My ratings are my personal opinion as a delightful reader. You can scroll down to find my reasons for each rating.

Please do remember that reviews in general are subjective - the reviewer's point of view - and an author's work might not please everyone. 

If you would like me to read and review your book, please note the following;

My preferred genre: Contemporary and Historical Romance (No Erotica).

Format: eBook (Kindle only) and Paperback. 

Hint: If you want your book to be top of the pile, send me a paperback. I love paperbacks.

Where I post my review: Amazon and Goodreads, and I link it to this page.

How to send: To Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku via email.

How long: I'm not a fast reader. But I'll post a review when I'm done reading. No timeline. This is because I may be writing a new book or busy having a romantic time with my husband, dotting on my children or getting pampered by my lovely family and friends. 

If you have a deadline, please send your book at least 6-8 weeks in advance.


I give 5 fruit bouquet - When I have tears in my eyes, enjoy strong emotional connection with the characters, desire to meet the characters, love the entire story and when words are not enough to express my joy.

5 fruit bouquet

I give 4 fruit bouquet - For a lovely story, medium emotional connection, wish there was a deeper connection with the characters.
4 fruit bouquet
I give 3 fruit baskets- If the pace of the story is slow, some aspects interest me, minimal emotional connection with the characters, wish the story had witty dialogue, more intensity and bite.
3 fruit baskets
2 fruit cups - I will contact the author directly. There will be no published review except the author insists.
2 fruit cups

1 fruit glass - I will contact the author directly. There will be no published review except the author insists.

1 fruit glass
Photos are courtesy of Googlesearch

is on Amazon
My review of Leon and Esther by Dorothy May Mercer
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My review of Thirty Day Affair by Maureen Child
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There are other reviews yet to be included on this page. Click on to find more of my reviews.

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