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Are You in an Abusive Relationship? #Domesticabuse

I watched a true-life documentary recently. A woman cheated on her live-in lover with other men and he murdered her in cold blood, buried her body in a shallow grave in the woods and carried on with his life, until he was found out and jailed for life.

During the month-long investigation, the police found out there had been at least seven incidents of violent abuse against the woman in the four years they had been together.

Are You in An Abusive Relationship?

So if you are in an abusive relationship, I ask you a simple question, what are you still doing hanging around a man or a woman who beats you or chokes you or even threatens to kill you?

Is your self-worth at  a low ebb? Do you HATE yourself so much, you don't care if you get killed?

Or you stay with him or her because he or she comes back begging you with gifts and lying to you about how much he or she loves you.

Ask yourself, would you throw your precious gold or diamond on the ground and smash it with a hammer? Why not? I will tell you. Because you cherish your jewelry too much to destroy it.

And so, if your husband, boyfriend or fiancé tells you he loves you and he lifts his hand to strike you, he is a liar and a wolf in sheep's clothing. If he loved you, he would not hit you, no matter the provocation.

Tell me, do you think you are worthless and no one else will find you attractive?

Even if you think your life is worthless, what about your parents, siblings, children (if you have any) friends or colleagues? Do they also think you are worthless?

Well, I bring you good news:

Even if everyone else thinks you are not better than a prostitute, a low life or a worthless woman or man, Jesus loves you. 

Jesus died for you, so that you can have a new life in him, a life of freedom from every sin that holds you down.

So don't let anyone tell you, your life is not worth a dime. Your life is worth the blood of Jesus Christ shed on the cross of Calvary to save you.

Read John 3:16. "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in him shall not die but have eternal life."

My advice is simple: 

If your husband or wife, boyfriend or fiancé strikes you, he or she is out of control.

What You Can Do:

1. Scream for help.
2. Call the Police.
3. Get out of the house, because someday, he or she is going to take it too far and you might not live to tell your unfortunate story.

Only be strong, be courageous, walk out of your abusive relationship.

Say NO to being used as a punching bag for a weak person - someone who needs help.

Marriage is an institution blessed by God. If yours is not, seek help.

Don't Do The Following:

1. Don't pretend all is well and cover up the violence.

2. Don't believe the lies that he or she loves you.

3. Don't lie to your family and friends that you hit your head against the wall.

4. Don't be scared or be a fool. Accept that your partner needs help and you cannot provide the help they need.


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#Romance #Quotes #Monday173

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"You're Mine":Tension Gripped Her Belly... #Newrelease #99c

Hello Romance Readers,

It is release day! Thank God!

You're Mine" ~ A Sweet & Steamy Romance is out now!

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Rachael shut her eyes and held her breath. Gently, Banjo’s fingers stroked her lower back and spine.
Breathing slowly, she sighed as his scent wrapped her up in a strong wall.

Though his fingers were hard, his touch was as soft as wool. As minutes ticked by, a thousand caresses flooded her spine with a new longing.
Beneath the table, her legs trembled, and inside her bra, her breasts grew heavier.


“Okay,” she breathed harshly. “Stop!”


As if Banjo did not understand her command, he carried on stroking her back lightly.

Tension gripped her belly and her lips shut up tight, swallowing her gripe. Nothing had ever felt so good, or so right.


“Close your eyes and relax,” Banjo spoke softly near her lips.


All she had to do was turn an inch and her lips would salute his mouth.

A Flirty & Feisty Romance Novel

~ Feelings too intense…to ignore ~

"Rachael’s beautiful, brainy & feisty. Every time I see her, my stomach walls tighten and heat gushes to my chest. But she’s out of bounds to me. Aside from the fact Rachael’s my mum’s god daughter, I think she’s pregnant. Only I don’t see any man showing up to claim responsibility for the bump she carries around with pride. But I’m in the city for about a month, not enough time to find out if I want her in my arms or to think of her as mine." 
~ Banjo Ricci

"Banjo’s hunky, sexy & mouthy. He has only come home for a short period to clean up his mum’s finances, yet he’s already sticking his nose in my affairs. Every time I see him, he has no shirt on his back. I should take my eyes off him for my own good. But his body is carved to perfection and his sexy tattoos beg for my touch. No matter how explosive the chemistry is between us, I need to face my health problems and get him out of my thoughts because there are things I can never tell him and there’s no way he’s mine."
~ Rachael Johnson

Can Rachael and Banjo find their way to each other’s heart?

~ From the Author of Enticed Forever: A Bad Boy Romance ~


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