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Red Velvet Rose is out! #NewRelease #ASMSG #ValentineRomance

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My Valentine Romance, titled RED VELVET ROSE is out today. It is an interracial love story with enough sensuality to satisfy your romantic appetite.
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Genre: Romance/Contemporary/Interracial
Release date: February 9th, 2016

Paperback: ISBN-13: 978-1523958542

No of Pages: 230

Word Count: 50,060
 In Red Velvet Rose, my  sexy hero, Zane Abdul from Forbidden Dance will keep you hot and laughing as he shares his life with Gabriella, a woman who may hold the key to his emotional freedom.

What a Soft Caress

Please add Red Velvet Rose to your To Be Read list this Valentine season.
A life outside her reach is what classy blonde heiress, Gabriella Gilcrest yearns for with all her heart. When a well-chiselled, dark-skinned man wearing a white vest and bandana drives a white Lamborghini around Martha's Vineyard, she pictures herself in a different world. His strong fingers, soft whispers, quirky humour and many kisses leave solid prints on her heart.

Eye-catching, sexy-as-sin Moroccan millionaire, Zane Abdul is in Massachusetts to clinch a lucrative car deal. A small mistake throws Gabriella straight at him. The elegant woman who has more character than he expects may be the one to wipe away his emotional confusion. But he stands no chance with the Gilcrest family name, money & history. Besides, he has his own demons to fight.

Will a soft caress, a slow embrace and a touch of lips be enough to jump every barrier and light a flame in their hearts as Valentine Day closes in? Or will their past lovers fight back?


He arched his eyebrows. “Is it true? Are you still in love with him?” Zane asked.
Gabriella shrugged. “Nothing is that simple anymore. I thought I was. I prayed often for God to bring him back to me, because a part of me ached for him.”
“So now he is here you’ve found you want something different, right?”
She reached for his fingers and squeezed hard. “That’s the perfect description of my situation. Was I in love with being in love with him?”
He shook his head. “No. I’ll tell you what changed, Gabriella.”
She watched him.
“I showed up. Now you wonder if he’s what you really want.”
Her chest squeezed tightly. The muffin dropped from her fingers. She walked to stand by the door that overlooked the small garden at the rear. “How do you know my thoughts, Zane? It's so freaky.”
He leaned his shoulder against the door. “I saw it in your eyes from the first day. I saw shock. Interest. Adventure. And I was intrigued.”
Her heartbeat revved up. Then she swallowed. “Are you saying I’m the first woman you’ve got that kind of reaction from?”
“Yes. Many women want my body. My body isn’t free to give away.” His words were harsh. “But the way you looked at me was different.”
“I feel pretty much the same way. Many men want me for stupid reasons. And it is tough to keep waiting for the real one.”

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Do all Families Have Secrets? #Lies #PrettyLittleLiars #Movies #Netflix

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For several weeks now, I have being watching the movie; PRETTY LITTLE LIARS with my teenage children via Netflix.

Pretty Little Liars is an engaging movie with multiple seasons. In this movie, five teenage girls who are all friends lose the leader of the pack when she disappeared one night.

Season after season, we have watched as each pretty teenage girl lied to her parents, her friends and everyone she cared about. Even their parents have their own brand of lies and deceit. They have secrets they keep away from their children. One single mum was so cash strapped, she stole money from a customer in the bank where she worked. Just when we think it can't get any worse or the lies can't get any deeper, it does.

In the episode we saw last night, one of the teenagers found out the older boy next door, her parents always referred to as a 'creepy boy, stay away from him' is her step brother. Bam!

Some parents might worry about allowing their teenage children watch Pretty Little Liars. They might worry the movie will equip their children on how to keep secrets and get away with 'murder'.

However, I see it differently. I enjoy watching this movie because it gives my children the opportunity to see how weaving a web of lies can hurt those you care about.

So, here is my summary of a great series;

1. Lies have short legs. It does not run too far.

2. It is only a matter of time for  the truth to be revealed. Whether you like it or not.

3. The truth will be revealed by FATE or you get blackmailed into spilling it.

4. And you will watch how those you love and care about fall apart by the lies you told and the secrets you kept.

5. You will have plenty of room for regret after the truth is revealed.

6. Sometimes, you get second chances. But in this movie, a different lie springs up. And I wonder how it will end.

7. In some instances, you don't get a second chance. And you live the rest of your life knowing you are the architect of your own misfortune.
8. Every family has secrets.
My Advice:
Make sure these secrets won't destroy the same family you love so much. Reveal your secrets to each other.

Have you watched Pretty Little Liars? If you have, please share your comments. And if you have similar experiences you want us to learn from, please spill.

We will keep watching till the end of season 6. My children and I want answers. Pretty Little Liars is an awesome and inspiring movie. Love it.
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Monday, 8 February 2016

#Romance #Quotes #Monday99

Welcome to Romance Quotes Monday
Hello Romance Lovers,

Next Sunday is February 14th, Valentine's Day.

Val's day is the best day for romance lovers to express their love and affection in so many ways.

So I decided to share these four love quotes with you in advance. You can share them with the special person in your life on Valentine's Day.

The fourth sexy quote is from my upcoming Valentine Romance Novel;
RED VELVET ROSE which is due out this week. Woot!


RomQuote #1 

RomQuote 2

RomQuote #3

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RomQuote #4

“You’re the sight I want to see when I wake up in the morning, all through the day and when I go to sleep.”
~ By Zane Abdul from Red Velvet Rose (Valentine Romance due out on Feb. 11th 2016).
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You are deeply appreciated.

I wish you a glorious week filled with romance.



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