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🔥🔥 Read any Flirty & Feisty Romance Novel & get Wowed! 🔥🔥
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Tuesday 18 August 2020

#BlackAuthorsMatter ~ #AuthorInterview with @fancyshay



I'm Stella & I write Flirty & Feisty Romance Novels.

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Hello Romance Lovers, 

Welcome again to my Series on Black Authors Matter. After my New Release; Longing for You: A BWWM Sweet & Steamy Romance hit Amazon US #1 New Release in African Literature on June 1st 2020 and became a #1 Amazon US Best Seller on 17th June 2020, I decided to start a movement to promote Black Romance Authors or Authors who write about characters of colour. Let me also add that Longing for You was also #2 Amazon UK Best Seller in African Literature!

In the past several weeks, I've showcased one black romance author after another and their great books.

Now, go get yourself a drink, take a slow sip as you chill on a lounger because you are about to meet the number 23 Black Romance Author on my list. Her name is Author Lashay Perkins, pen name; Uniquely Lashay. 

Lashay was born and raised in Bainbridge, Georgia but she currently lives in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. 

AUTHOR: Uniquely Lashay

BOOK TITLE: Beautiful Curves with Deadly Secrets

GENRE: African American Christian Fiction



Drum roll please...


I'm a mother of three kids, two dogs and I work in the healthcare field full time.


Do you have hidden messages woven into your stories?


Yes Big Women are Beautiful, Great and Loved.



What’s the best thing about your writing and publishing routine?


It's exciting and reading the reviews from the readers after they have read the novel is fulfilling as an author.



What steps did you take to publish your first book?


I published under a well know publishing company the first book I wrote.


How did you come up with the idea for your recent book/Who’s your favourite character and why?


Beautiful Curves with Deadly Secrets was a book that I wrote off the top of my head. My favorite character is Jon Jon. Why because he was suicidal and nobody knew it. I wanted to use his character shine light on suicidal individuals in general so we as family and friends pay more attention to our love ones.



What’s the hardest thing about the publishing process?


I would say the editing, and getting the book perfect for the readers because as an author I always felt my work was great until I ran into a rough editor.



Why should a new reader buy your book(s)?


My books have they own taste to them. They aren't anything like what nobody else is writing. They are unique, page turners and have the twist of BBW characters you wouldn't want to miss.



Working on a new book/project?


Yes, a book call List and the Trenches of a Billionaire with an author and friend name Sabrina Jenkins.



Brag about any awards or badges.


I have had over 9 best seller books out on amazon and that is more than any award by its self.


Any thoughts on Black Lives Matter Movement?


Yes, Black Lives Matter is the best movement for blacks since Malcolm X and Martin Luther King.


Now to the Rapid Questions:


Your ideal Partner?

My Husband.


Favourite place to write?

My Computer room at Home.


Preferred genre to read?

Urban Fiction.


Best time of the day to write?



One food you can’t do without?



Favourite Drink Award go to?



Best Dessert in the world?

Strawberry Short Cake.


Best Movie, or TV series Award go to?



Beautiful Song Award go to?

Jhene Aiko- Pussy Fairy.


Your #1 Colour?



Perfect gift you hope to get someday?

My dream wedding.


One fun thing you do?

Go to the beach and listen to the waves.


Never Have I…?

Kissed a Stranger.


Give readers your final thoughts about anything?


My Final thoughts is I'm blessed to have fans and I thank everyone for giving my books a chance.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Author Uniquely Lashay.

Read the blurb of Uniquely Lashay's book, Beautiful Curves with Deadly Secrets below:

Also, don't forget to pick up any of Uniquely Lashay's other books.

The Church is usually a sacred place that you go to get on the right path in life. However, for Kristy Hart, the church took everything from her including her childhood. Being thick and curvy most women think of that as a blessing but not for Kristy. Dealing with a past that haunts her she learns to keep pushing forward no matter the circumstance.

Myles Miller, also known on the streets as Lucky, is focused on getting his stacks up. That is until he runs across the baddest BBW in Atlanta, Kristy. Her aura gains his full attention, she not only is beautiful, but her personality is like no other.

After dealing with so much Kristy is cautious of Lucky, however, she learns quickly that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. With curves that can make a grown man cry and looks that not even a straight woman can resist, this beauty still goes through life like everyone else. Juggling being a single mother, depression, financial issues, and reconnecting with her family. Stay tuned this is one story you do not want to miss!


A BIT MORE ABOUT ~ Lashay Perkins

Lashay Perkins, pen name; Uniquely Lashay is a 32-year-old, plus size activist, Georgia author, and mother of three. She is the CEO of Unique Creations Publications, has a degree in Health care Administration, works full time in the medical field and she is a part-time writer. She loves to write in her free time and be the voice for plus size women around the world.

Lashay, love for literature and being the voice of the plus size community prompted her to pen her first two-book series in 2017, entitled, “The Dilemma of a Savage Love” Books 1 and 2 charted within the top ten of Amazon's Best Sellers list in African American Fiction. Her passion and talent led to her creating over twenty books and counting, the brand Unique Creation Publications, Unique & Beyond Podcast, UCP promotions which provides many upcoming authors with guidance and help with getting their books out to the world. Lashay enjoys telling stories of curvy women around the world. It has always been her pleasure to share her view on the world with others. Writing has always helped her to escape her reality by leaving her blood, sweat and tears on each page you read. Her hobbies include reading, promoting books for other upcoming authors, shopping, spending time with family, writing, listening to music and traveling.


Being a bestselling author, a mother and having a ten-year status in the Healthcare industry is just many of her accomplishments in this world. Lashay is originally from Bainbridge Ga but has resided in Jacksonville Fl for over ten years in counting. She can be reached at the contact information below for book events, book promoting, getting an interview on Unique & Beyond Podcast and speaking engagements. She hopes her work is enjoyable and entertaining.


Keep In Touch with Uniquely Lashay via;

Instagram: @fancyshay1

  If you would also love to get to know the previous author, clickhere.



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