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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Stop Nagging: 4 Ways to Ask #LoveAffair #Marriage

Welcome to Advice Bench!

Today's post is a plea from the male folks.

Some men have asked me to write clearly on my blog that the number one reason they look outside their marriage is the consistent nagging from their once loving wives.

They have told me that when their wives start to nag, they just want to find a hole large enough to crawl into, so they can find perfect peace.

And usually, the search for peace ends up being in another woman's arms!

"Better it is to live in the wilderness than to stay with a nagging (quarrelsome) woman" ~ Prov. 21:19.

Women, do we agree?

My advice:

1. Quit Nagging 

Nagging means being quarrelsome. When you ask in a commanding, aggressive or annoying tone, you are nagging.

When you constantly harass (nag), you cause your husband anxiety, worry and stress. To de-stress, he runs away from you.

You need to learn the art of asking to receive.

2. Pillow Talk

Learn to engage in the art of pillow talk. 

Pillow talk means having intimate chat in bed, before or after sex. It is more effective because there is touching involved.
Courtesy of Dreamstime

Keep all important conversation and decision making till your heads hit the pillow. 

During foreplay, in the middle of lovemaking or right after sex is when you put in major requests. That is what prostitutes and girlfriends do. They get married men to part with houses and cars. You can also get anything you want from your husband. But, you have to be of 'good behaviour'.

What stops married women from being so clever in getting their way? Wives, be wise.

3. Seduce Your Husband

If you want to ask your husband for a large sum of money, special gift for you, your children or family, or you want any favours from him, then SEDUCE him. 

Take a shower, spray a lovely fragrance, wear sexy lingerie, prepare his favourite dish, massage his head and feet, whisper sweet nothing in his ear, handle him like a woman would and then ask for anything.

4. Pray

Remember to ask God to grant you constant favour in your husband's eyes.

Pray that your breasts will always satisfy him.

Pray that he would always love you all the days of your lives, to the point where he will be intoxicated with your love. Prov. 5:19.

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