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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Where Did You Meet Your Partner?

This is the question that revolves in my head when I hear of troubled marriages. The real question is, does the location where you met your partner matter a great deal in ensuring the long-term success of your marriage? Honestly, to put this little matter at rest, I'd really like to conduct a poll. It will be illuminating to get feedback from readers on where you met your better half.
To set the ball rolling, I'll start with myself. I met my husband at a watch night service (the all important Christian worship that heralds the new year. It holds on the 31st of December each year) in my Church; Arcbishop Vinning Memorial Cathedral Church in Lagos, Nigeria.
Usually, I get into an argument with some friends about whether or not the fact that a couple met at a bar, in a hotel, at a restaurant, bus-stop, city centre, pole dancing club and even more exciting places is a recipe for short-term marriage?
My poll questions are; where did you first set eyes on your spouse? And how long have you been married? Your responses will make an interesting read and certainly, reader's feedback will put to rest the flaky bits about this rather knotty subject.
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