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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Till You Come Back To Me by Chicki Brown #NewRelease #Romance

Today, on Book Spotlight, I have Chicki Brown, a very dear friend and fabulous romance author from Atlanta showcasing her hot new release.

Chicki has dropped in to share an excerpt from TILL YOU COME BACK TO ME, book two of the Stafford Brothers Series.

Adanna and Charles's story will grip you from start to end. Charles is hot and Adanna is a natural beauty. Be sure to snap up a copy.


Atlanta plastic surgeon Charles Stafford is giving up his successful practice to volunteer his services in Nigeria with a medical organization. Even though he’s excited about this major career move, he has no idea how much his life is about to change.

Nurse Adanna Okoro is one of the six medical professionals working at a small village hospital thirty minutes outside of Lagos, Nigeria. She loves her job and is devoted to the people she serves. When the hospital is notified that it has been chosen to host a team of foreign doctors, Adanna meets the man she has always dreamed of.


Amazon. com (Kindle only for the first 90 days). Available on Smashwords, Nook, Kobo after 90days.


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The driver said he would remain in the area while they worked and gave his cell number to Nils. The team exited the van, and they all took a few minutes to silently scan their surroundings.

Abject poverty hit Charles like a slap. He’d read a lot about the country, but seeing it in
person was another story. The area was a stark contrast from the bustling, modern city they had just left not more than thirty minutes ago. The team leader’s voice faded into the background as Charles’ gaze roamed the area.

A combination of primitive huts dotted the landscape with a few small buildings that appeared to be made from large logs and mud with thatched rooms. It must have rained recently, because the center of the area was nothing more than a huge mud puddle. The few relatively modern buildings in the village were cinderblock construction. Six people dressed in scrubs stood outside the entrance of the white building.

This must be the hospital.

As they approached the building, which from the outside looked more like it should’ve housed an auto repair shop, he gave them a fast overview about the village and the hospital in excellent but heavily accented English.

“Drs. Pategi and Ijalana are the only two doctors working here on a regular basis. They have two female nurses and two nursing assistants, both male. We will meet with them to ascertain exactly what they need from us.”

As the team approached the building, the expectant smiles of the hospital staff greeted
them. Charles’ gaze was immediately drawn to the heart-shaped ebony face of the woman dressed in bright pink scrubs. She wore her hair natural, closely cropped and appeared to wear no makeup on her slanted eyes and only a deep wine color lipstick on her lush mouth.

“Welcome to the Stella Obasanjo Hospital,” the shorter man said. “We are so honored you’ve come to work with us. I am Dr. Olushula Ijalana. You can call me Lou. This is Dr. Joseph Pategi, and this is our staff." He introduced the two nurses and their assistants.

He couldn’t take his eyes off the beautiful dark-skinned nurse whose name was Adanna.
Their gazes met, and a distinct look of recognition momentarily swept across her face.

When the introductions were done, the visiting team shook hands with the host staff. Charles shook Adanna’s slender hand, and she stared up at him with such intensity in her onyx eyes, he couldn’t look away.

“Charles Stafford. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“You also, Doctor. We are honored that you decided to join us.”

He had to mentally slap himself in order to concentrate on what Dr. Ijalana was saying. And he was good until Nurse Okoro turned around and preceded them around the outside of the building.

The easy sway of her generous hips grabbed his attention like a mugger with an old lady’s purse. Black American women had inherited their voluptuous rear ends from their sisters in the Motherland, but this was the real deal.

Charles smiled to himself. It didn’t matter how far removed people were from their native land, some things were ingrained. And any man of African heritage would always admire a spectacular ass.


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