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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

40 Signs a Husband or Wife is Cheating? #Marriage #Infidelity

Welcome to Advice Bench

Last week, I was part of another author's Facebook Release Party.

During Flirty & Feisty Romance Novels Contest/Giveaway slot, I asked;

What are the signs a husband or wife is cheating?

I was amazed at the frenetic responses from participants. The answers came in fast & furious. There were at least 60 responses.

So I decided to publish it as a blog post for anyone who wants to be well-informed, and on the look out before their relationship slips out of the door.

1. Working late every night. New co-worker who needs help a lot.

2. No sex at home. Too tired for sex. Can't get it up.

3. Stops laughing so much at home

 4. Locking the cell phone

 5. Stops acting like the partner you know

 6. Ignoring calls when the wife is at home

7. Starts going out of town

8. More guys nights than you know nothing about
9. Constantly accuses YOU of cheating
10. More girls night out than you know about
11. Changes shower habits...showers as soon as they get home instead of before bed
12. She starts wearing make up and dressing up for work. In the past, she did not bother.
13. Starts wearing cologne
14. Can't make time for you.
15.  Starts talking about needing their own time
16. Gets headaches all the time
17. Doesn't want you touching him or her
18. Lipstick stains on shirt or blazer

19. Slipping out at night when the other is asleep
20. No longer wants to go places together

21. Asleep when you get to bed

Photo is courtesy of Michiganheadandneck

22. Starts dressing better

23. No time for you and the family. Always have work to do

24. Gets mad at small stuff. Starts fights just to leave

25. Hangs up quickly if you see he is on the phone.

26. Missing money

27. Stops listening to you

28. Changes ring tone so yours does not stand out anymore

29. Starts liking completely different things they never cared about before

30. Stops doing stuff for you, like bringing home dinner or those little I love you notes

31. Too busy to answer your calls

32. Always works overtime but their pay never changes when you check the account

33. Stop calling you sweet names

34. Phone getting disconnected when you answer

35. Shirt smelling of perfume

36. Becoming secretive, hiding stuff

37. Hotel receipts in bags or trouser/pants pockets

38. Unexplained charges on credit cards

39. Suddenly hiding body from you when they used to have no problem being naked in front of you

40. Won't look you in the eye

The fact is you need many of these combinations for you to become suspicious. One of these signs does not equate with infidelity.

Take this list as a wake up call. Relationships need time and effort to keep going. So do not take yours for granted.

Flirty & Feisty Romance wishes you a long lasting relationship.


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