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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Would You #Hire A #Maid? #Relationship

The question is, if you could afford the cost, would you hire a maid?

Back in Africa, working women often employ a maid or a nanny to take care of their kids, cook, clean and shop. Hired hands come with help, headaches or heartaches.

My focus is the heartache hired maids have brought to some marriages. In many instances, the hired maid, often a young girl from a poor background is left to cook the meals, wash the clothes, feed and take care of the kids in the absence of the working mum.

Quite often, the wife is 'redundant' in the home, except in warming up her husband's bed. In some cases, even that 'chore' suffers because she is too tired after a long day at her high pressure job.

Many women now occupy position of power and authority and in their bid to support their family, the same family suffers. How ironic!

As a result, the maid slips from hired help to cosy mistress. The wife finds
out too late her husband has found her replacement in the young woman she brought from the village to help look after her home.

In the UK, the cost of hiring a maid is exhorbitant. To me, it is good news. 

I hired maids for the first eight years of my marriage in Nigeria. They brought more headache than I can count.  I found them unreliable and my child has a burn scar. In many instances, maids walked out of their jobs as I prepared to go to work. I called my boss and looked after my kids. Of course, you don't get promoted as you should if you are not dependable! But I cherished those moments.

Then, we relocated to the UK and I joyfully washed off my hand from hiring help of any kind. We have enjoyed happy days for the past seven years. The job of training my kids fell squarely on me and my husband. What a tough and rewarding job. I don't want it any other way. My husband is a gem and I thank God for my family.


1. Women, wake up, keep your eyes open and find the perfect balance between ambition, getting financial independence and building a loving and Godly family.

2. Don't swap your family for wealth, position, power or ambition.

3. Set boundaries for your maid or hired help. Keep your maids away from your matrimonial bedroom. Clean the room and change the bed linens yourself.

4. If you must hire help, get someone fairly older than you and your husband but strong enough to help.

5. Make time for your husband and kids. Jobs and money come and go, family is constant.

Flirty & Feisty Romance wishes you a happy and thriving relationship.

Thank you for reading. Please let me know you popped in. Leave a comment.


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