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Thursday, 7 April 2016

When Women Add #Weight #Afterchildbirth #Weightgain

                        Welcome to Advice Bench!

Every married woman who has had a baby gets anxious about piling on weight. I have seen women with two month old babies in the gym. Come on! Your body needs to recover and you need to eat well to breastfeed the leaders of tomorrow. 

Generally, weight gain comes during pregnancy and if you have a tendency to keep the extra weight like me, then you worry about your belly and bingo wings (fleshy arms). Before I got married, I was a UK size 12, sixteen years later and after two kids, I'm a UK size 16/18/20!!

Over the years, we struggle to diet and exercise while still taking care of the children, husband, work and our homes.

The society expects women to look great with nearly flat bellies, no thanks to some female celebrities who go as far as chopping off their excess fat right after childbirth. Ha! 

If you have the added pressure from your husband for you to shed weight, I am truly sorry, because that is your cross to bear.

Years ago, I used to worry about doing floor exercises to reduce my stomach but each time my husband walks in on me, he pulls me up, gives me a kiss and asks, 'what beauty pageant are you preparing for?' He does not want me in the gym because he cannot bear for my butt cheeks or boobs to go down.❤ And he is scared of another man giving me the 'eye'. Lol😆

I tell you now that after over sixteen years of a gloriously happy marriage, with my many failed attempts to tone up my belly, plus raising two teenagers who love jiggling my flabs and massive fibroids in my womb, I could not be happier.

Until three years ago I was so active as a working mum, climbing escalators in a heartbeat, racing my teenage children in the park, cooking, shopping and being silly with my hubby 💖 

Now with me battling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and shortness of breath, my wish to get a toned belly is the least of my worries. All the activities you take for granted such as bathing, talking, walking, running, eating, cooking are a tall order for me.

Still, I have so many more reasons to be grateful to God who has blessed me with the most tender and loving husband, sweet and caring children, a constant string of Flirty & Feisty Romance stories for my lovely readers, wonderful parents, brothers, sisters and friends. 

My point is, at age forty - four, through my husband's eyes and my children kissing my soft belly and telling me how chubby and cute I am, I have confirmed that happiness in marriage does not consist of a woman's body shape.

Even with the added weight, you can enjoy your relationship, your children and hotter sex because there are more important things in life than beauty.  

I pray that you enjoy the greater things in life: joy, peace, amazing relationship and family time but above all, remain blessed with unconditional love.

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