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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

#Brides from #Africa #AgborBride - Wild Whispers #Interracial #ASMSG

Welcome to Brides From Africa


Wild Whispers Blog Tour

Wild Whispers ~ An Interracial Tender Novella is Flirty & Feisty Romance 14th Novel. It was released last Saturday.

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Wild Whispers ~ A Tender Novella
Genre - Romance/Contemporary/Interracial
Price: 99c only
No of Pages - 106
ISBN - 978-1530511259
Release Day - Tuesday 21st April 2016

Scarred but not broken, beautiful Adaora Dike made a tough choice early in life and she had no regret until she lost everyone and everything without warning. She finds comfort in a quiet home in the woods, deep in Dagor Village. Out there, Adaora discovers nature and animals do not condemn, only people do. One rainy night, a male shadow dashes across her yard, her heart flips over and she faces emotional chaos. 

While on a field trip in Africa, handsome photographer, Gary Mason gets stranded in the woods. He finds an abandoned shelter occupied by a lonely but lovely woman he cannot not get out of his head. This is one photography shoot he wants to forget, but Adaora has a firm grip on his heart and might change his life forever. 

Through many Wild Whispers, will Adaora and Gary change each other or will fate intervene to keep them apart?

On Brides From Africa this week, I have brought you Brides From Agbor in Delta State, South-South, Nigeria. 

The heroine, Adaora Dike from Wild Whispers is from Ika in Agbor, Delta State, Nigeria. But the hero, Gary Mason is from London.
Photo is courtesy of Maestromedia
The Agbor people have highly valued marriage institution.

The traditional wedding ceremony is set in motion when the father of the groom visits the bride-to-be’s parents with drinks to declare their intention to marry the bride-to-be. 
Once the family accepts, the bride price is pre-negotiated which usually takes the form of cows, goats, landed property, clothing, ornaments, yam and other valuables.
On the traditional wedding day, the groom’s family appears in the bride’s home with the bride price and drinks.
The eldest member of the bride’s family blesses the kola nut and drinks.
The items are displayed and while the bride price is negotiated, the bride is asked by the married women in her family called, Umu-Adas if she is prepared to marry the man.
Photo is courtesy of Pinterest
Once the bride answers yes, the bridegroom’s family presents the agreed bride price.
After the presentation and rejection of  a few fake brides, the bride is brought in, attired in double beaded wrapper, blouse, head gear and beads and she is presented to both families.
The father of the bride blesses the bride and groom. A box of clothes is given to the bride with a token amount. This is the marriage solemnization.

The wine and kola nut are given to the couple and prayers are said to solemnize the marriage and the bride and groom drink and eat the kola nut before the audience.

The bride is handed to the bridegroom’s father who in turn hands the bride to the groom. Jubilation follows. Traditional music entertains the guests, while the couple dances.
Photo is courtesy of Maestromedia
Afterwards, while the family and other visitors feast on the food, the bride’s mother prepares to escort her daughter to her husband’s home. In the evening, her age mates, selected men and women escort the bride to the waiting family of the bridegroom.


Remember Wild Whispers is on a Blog Tour & Giveaway till 26th of May.


Wild Whispers Blog Tour started on Sat, April 23rd and will end on Thurs May 26th 2016. (The Blog Tour schedule is below - scroll down).

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By God's grace, I hope to see you on Wild Whispers Blog Tour. 

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