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Friday, 5 May 2017

10 More Ways Show Love-Part 2 #Staymarried #Marriage

Last week, I shared 10 ways to show love to your husband or wife. If you missed the post, click here.

As promised, I'm concluding the post with 10 additional ways to demonstrate how much you love or don't love your spouse.

10 More Ways to Show Love
10 More Ways NOT to Show Love

 11. Love believes all things (your spouse tells you): To show love, you are not quick to condemn except you have explicit reasons. Don't rely on gossip and don't jump to conclusions without asking questions and patiently listening to answers. 

12. Love is not suspicious: Stop snooping around looking for reasons why your wife or husband is no-good. If you search hard enough, you will find something and you will end up heartbroken.

If you have a hunch, be patient, in time, whatever is hidden will be revealed.

13. Love hopes all things: If you love your husband or wife, you will always hope for the best result in every situation. Whether you are faced with childlessness, financial difficulties, family intrusion, hope that it will pass and good times will come again.

14. Love endures all things: Love is tolerant, able to make allowance for wrong-doing. When you are in love, you learn to tolerate your wife or husband's excesses. So in the lifetime of your marriage, remain tolerant.

15. Love never fails: Love does not have an on and off button. Once you take the vows to love your wife or husband
till death do you part, you don't grow out of love because he or she has failed you. Through highs and lows, love never fails. Love keeps you going when you are lost and heavy-hearted.

16. Love is patient: I have to repeat this point because it is all-important. Patience means you don't get tired of showing love even when you think there is no reason to continue loving your husband or wife.

17. Love understands: To show love, you are not in a hurry to despise your spouse for every offence. You soothe away their fears and worries with encouraging words until they believe it themselves.

 18. Love is kind:
Show kindness in the way you speak and what you do. This is so important because it shows you respect your spouse. Even when you are angry, learn to speak in a normal tone and don't sprinkle your words with insults and derogatory remarks.

It is disheartening to hear couples exchange insults now and again. How do you take back such vile comments when your anger wears off?

If you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs or you are violent, seek help and get rehabilitation. Stop wrecking your marriage!

 19. Love thinks no evil:
If you love your husband or wife you will always think great things about  him or her and how to help him or her to be the best person she can be.

 20. Love listens: Remember love does not listen to worthless gossip. To show you love your husband or wife, you train yourself to LISTEN when they are speaking. You maintain eye contact and respond when you have the chance. Not by interrupting.

Finally, there is no such nonsense as falling out of love with your husband or wife. All you have to do is remember how you dated  each other and learn how to start again.

Giving up on your marriage makes you a failure, so straighten your heart and head, PRAY and keep loving one another in the 20 ways I have shared so far. God help you.

And if you do not follow the 20 ways outlined above, you will have cope with misunderstandings and heartache.

Post is culled from 1 Cor 13.

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