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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

10 Ways to show love #Dating #Staymarried

Many times people ask the simple question: how do I show love to my husband or wife?

I found the answers as I read through the most important book I know, I came across these 20 ways you can show your husband or wife or family member or date that you love them. Today, I will share the first 10.


1. Love suffers long: The minute you get married, you need to learn the number 1 rule: Be PATIENT. If you don't LEARN to be patient, divorce will be your escape route.

2. Love does not envy: If your wife or husband earns more or is more educated at any point in your marriage, it should not matter or come between your love. If it does, then you are immature and you need to get back on the pedestal of love.

3. Loves does not parade itself: You don't need to keep reminding your wife that you are the head of the house. If you do, then you are insecure. Work on your insecurities.

4. Love is not puffed up: I can tell you straight up, love is not proud or boastful. By the time you start acting as if you are in competition with your wife or husband, you are heading for the rocks. Wake up! Start working together instead of against each other.

5. Love does not behave rudely: Speaking rudely to your wife as if she is your slave or talking down at your husband
because he has no job, shows you are immature and unwise. Tables can turn and you will be left reeling from the consequences of your foolish actions.

6. Love does not seek its own: When you think of how to please yourself in your marriage, then you are exhibiting selfish love. You should be desirous to make your wife or husband happy at all times. Imagine both of you trying to outdo each other in the happiness wonderful it would be.

7. Love is not easily provoked: Losing your temper at every given opportunity is a sign you have to work on yourself. Grow up! If you are upset, keep quiet, go for a walk or count up to ten before you speak.

8. Love does not rejoice in wickedness: Make a habit of celebrating your wife or husband when they do something
good. Even if they do something wrong outside, wait till you get home to confront and resolve the problem. Don't wash your dirty linen outside your bedroom.

9. Love rejoices in the truth: Speak the truth at all times. If you cannot tell the truth for some good reason, don't lie. You can keep quiet or say I will tell you when the time is right. Once trust is tainted, it is tough to regain.

10. Love bears all things: Yes, indeed when you are in love with your husband or wife, no matter what he or she does, you can look at the other things they get right and forgive. If you are unable to forgive any wrong-doing, PRAY for the grace to forgive.


Visit next week for the concluding part of this post.

And if you do not follow the 10 ways outlined above, you will have to cope with misunderstandings and heartache.

Courtesy of 1 Cor 13.

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