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Saturday, 10 August 2013

#FirstDate - Will You Sleep With Him? 3 Reasons Not To!

Welcome to Advice Bench!

Yes, I am asking you if you will hop into bed with Mr Amazing on your very first date!

If your answer is a resounding YES or an unsure MAYBE, you need to have your head examined!

What is wrong with you? Okay, you may say why not because you've been jilted, suffered a divorce or have many other 'good' reasons. But that's not good enough.

If he asked you on a date, it suggests romance. You expect old fashioned courtship, excitement, spine tingling conversation but no fireworks!

After the wine is exhausted and the food gobbled up, you should expect a peck on the cheek or lips with your heart pounding for the next date to get to know him more!

That romance cycle is broken when you start to run before you crawl by jumping
into his bed after only a meal and fine wine. How cheap is cheap?

As far as a man is concerned, the chase is over before it even began! He will celebrate his conquest with a bottle of champagne in the midst of his friends. His mind will wonder what the thrill was with you. Promptly, he moves on in search of a more 'difficult' woman.

You wonder why he dismisses what he didn't have to fight for? Men are natural hunters. If the game is too easy, they capture, have a feast and go in search of a rare catch.

Three reasons not to hop into bed before he pops the question;

1. He thinks you can't be trusted.
He will see you as lacking the willpower to say, No! Simply put, you will say YES to sex with any man who takes you on a date. He isn't special. No man wants to marry a woman who he knows has no willpower to turn men down.

2. He thinks you are an easy win, cheap and readily available.
He reasons that it doesn't take too much to get in between your panties! There's no reason for him to hang around after sex on the first date. He has seen and experienced all you have to offer. He has sampled the goods, and they don't meet his taste.

3. He thinks you have no values - moral or religious.
You shake his confidence in women. His mind struggles to conjure up the number of men you have offered yourself to on a platter of wood. He wonders if he will ever find a woman to call his own, a woman who can kick a man in the teeth if need be, a woman with the ability to hold out in the face of temptation.

Wishing you success in your search for Mr. Right.

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