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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Ten Things To Do or Not To Do After The #FirstDate #Romance

Welcome to Advice Bench!

This is a follow up on my last article - First Date - Will You Sleep With Him?

I have listed ten reasons you should keep your thighs firmly together as you roll along through the rocky ride of courtship! Focus on these ten things and by God's grace you will find true love.

1. No sex after your first date!

After your first date, bring up the conversation on your expectation not to hula hoop into bed before getting to know each other and deciding if you're going to spend the rest of your life together. That conversation helps sift the serious men from the flirty boys.

2. Engage in conversation that helps you find out more about your likes and dislikes.
Find out what you have in common and enjoy those activities together. If he enjoys watching football, join him to watch his favourite team play and see if you can stomach the frantic cheering or painful disappointment after the match. You like pole dancing? Take him along and make him try!

3. Go out together - a lot. See how you cope and behave in different environment - shops, cinema, park, restaurant. Find out how both of you handle pressure, stress, discomfort and most importantly, have fun!

4. Cook him a meal occasionally if he's nice and deserves it.

And make him cook you a meal. If he can't tell a plate from a pot, teach him! The lesson will come in handy when you eventually get married. Don't cook for him as a routine. He knows where the restaurant is, you're not a freebie restaurant.

5. Never wash his clothes!
That's a red flag in my book. If he wants all the paraphernalia of marriage, he needs to make the commitment.

6. If he needs you to clean his house, you're his maid!
What is wrong with his hands? Get him to clean his own house. Else, you will end up being his 'mama' or maid. If he physically can't clean because he's sick or physically challenged, throw this rule out of the door.

7. Don't move in with him!
I can't stress this enough. That's a No, No, in my book. Why should he gain everything and you lose everything? You lose your freedom and identity while hoping for him to pop the question. Smarten up!

8. Have babies for him? No way!
Yes, I am old fashioned. Why have babies for him before you say, I do? Oh! You're good enough to be the mother of his children but just not the woman to walk down the aisle or bear his precious name! Tell him to go where his likes belong, in the cave. The wedding doesn't have to be expensive or glamorous. He needs to make the commitment to you.

9. Talk about meeting his family.
Yes! This shows he's on a serious mission. As long as his other actions add up, you have nothing to worry about.

10. Ask questions
Finding out he has two kids or was previously married, after you get married is not very pleasant. It is not a great way to build trust either. So find out all you can about him.

Best wishes on your desire to find Mr. Right!

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