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Sunday, 15 September 2013

5 Things To Do When You Find #Love #Romance

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Congratulations! You have found LOVE after a long or short search.

You've found your missing rib. Like every good thing, you have to nurture your relationship to make sure it blossoms and not shrivel.

There are so many things to do to ensure you enjoy your relationship/marriage not endure it. I have summed them up in 5 actions.

1. Show Affection

Women generally enjoy being the centre of attention in their loved one's life. So men, when you find your other half, hold her hands, place your hands around her shoulder or behind her back as you walk along. Touch her hair, stare into her eyes, kiss her! Yes, plant sweet kisses on her lips now and again, and watch her preen like a peacock.

Say 'I love you' often!

Women, also reciprocate your fiancé or husband's attention. If your husband isn't excited about public display of affection, then give him body or foot massage and pamper him in other ways.

2. Respect and honour one another

Respect one another especially in the presence of others.

Nothing bruises a man's ego than being treated badly in front of others.

Men, speak to your fiancée or wife with respect. In other words, wash your dirty linen indoors, not in public. Respect each other's family and friends.

3. Put each other first

Expunge selfishness from your personality trait. Always seek to please each other at all times.

Cook for each other! Pop each other's laundry in the washing machine. Surprise your wife by washing her undies! Clean the house together. The result is a joyful and lasting union.

4. Support one another

Be there for each other. Discuss and be concerned with each other's work, family, friends, interests, passion, failure and success. If your husband enjoys attending art exhibition, join him, take an interest in art so that you can have basic conversation with your loved one. Cheer your fiancé or husband to success and be proud of his effort.

Note, I didn't say NAG him to success!

In difficult times, let your words of encouragement be the loudest in his ear. It works both ways.

5. Pray for one another

Yes, there's a God that answers prayers. Ask him for your heart's desire for your fiancé or husband, your relationship and your future. Whether you believe it or not, there's POWER in the tongue. So, speak positively and watch the results.

I pray that you will discover joy, companionship and contentment in your relationship.

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