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Friday, 27 September 2013

Are You in a #Loveless #Marriage? #StayMarried

What a trap you think you've ended up in! 

If you live long enough, you'll know that everything is possible.

Whether you knowingly married without love because of circumstances or you imagined being in love and months or years down the marriage street you ended up in a loveless bed is irrelevant.

The fine question is, are you willing to search for any trace 
of cold ash in your relationship? Are you willing to put in the time, effort and patience to restore it to a roaring fire?

As long as you took the marital vows, you promised him or her a lifetime together. 

There are signs of dying ember waiting to be kindled or rekindled. 

If you're willing to give it a try, read on. 

Try these tips in no particular order:

1. DISCUSS your difficulties. Why shy away from hard talk? Get on your brave suit. Be open to some home truths and criticisms. To bear fruit, a seed must die!

2. DO something new together.
Take a holiday to a new destination, try a new restaurant, go swimming, skiing, ski diving, nightclubbing, dancing or learn a new language. Fan the dim flames...don't give up.

3. FLIRT with each other. 
You've got the license to flirt without boundary. Whisper naughty words in each other's ears, touch hidden places, kiss, hug, tease with your lips, touch hair, face, hands and every inch of God given skin. Dribble soft chocolate or your favourite drink in the hidden places and lick with your mouth.

4. GO for sex outside the bedroom.
In the bathroom, kitchen, guest room, Utility room and any surface in the house. To stir the flame even more, try letting loose in your car!

And when all else fails, go for counselling by a family and marriage counsellor.

Don't give up...its until death do you part.

Are there other tips you want to add or do you think some marriages are not worth saving.

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