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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

#RoyalRomance ~ #PrinceHarry #MeghanMarkle #Suits

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As a regular visitor to my blog, you know I love all things ROMANCE. 

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It came as a sweet shock to me yesterday when my husband told me our very own British Royal, Prince Harry was dating a woman I had blogged about previously in her role as Rachel Zane in one of my favourite USA TV series, SUITS.
Mike & Rachel for SUITS
Oh my days! I was chuffed and I screamed for joy for so many reasons:

1. I'm a big fan of Meghan Markle who plays Rachel in SUITS. I think she is a great actress who is hot and sexy!
Meghan Markle (who plays Rachel in SUITS)

 2. I'm a fan of the Monarchy. Have you forgotten I was born and raised in the ancient city of Benin Kingdom in Edo State Nigeria? Our Oba (king) is from a lineage of a royal house that has ruled for over 6000 years. Long live the king!
The Oba of Benin, Oba Ewuare II

Here I am as a British citizen also, and we have Queen Elizabeth II as our monarch who is Prince Harry's grandmother.

Queen Elizabeth II, reigning monarch of the United Kingdom
3. I loved Princess Diana. As a child, I watched her marry the Prince of Wales on TV. I loved all she stood for and it broke my heart to see her suffer through her divorce, not to mention her death at a time she found real happiness. 

Princess Diana - The stunning Princess of Wales - RIP
But I loved the fact Diana was humble, down to earth and raised her boys (Prince William and Prince Harry) to appreciate people of all status. I admired her passion for the less privileged, her poise and the fact she was a wonderful mum to her sons.

4. I'm a huge fan of Prince William and Kate! Don't even get me started on that. Their love reminds me of the loving relationship between my husband and I. In 2011, a few days before William & Kate got married, my husband and I went to Westminster Abbey days before their wedding and we bought a souvenir.
The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge: Our Souvenir, bought in 2011 (days before William & Kate's wedding) at Westminster Abbey, London

5. Sigh. Now to dear Prince Harry who has had a sort of wild youth and a daring streak. I have often wondered why he was wasting precious time partying instead of marrying one girl. Now I know why.

 6. No matter what the trolls are doing to Meghan, I want to commend Prince Harry for the official statement from Clarence House condemning the 'wave of abuse' on his girlfriend. He fears the intense scrutiny and the racial and sexist attack on Meghan will push her away.

My Advice: Meghan, stay strong, cling to your man and make history.

Official letter from the Royal House telling the attackers to back off!

7. Differences: Meghan is 35, Prince Harry is 32. Meghan has been married briefly (18mths) and divorced while Prince Harry is single. Meghan is not royal and she is mixed race (Caucasian dad and African American mum). I love the whole line of differences which draws them together.

As a romance author, I find this Royal Romance inspiring. I'm almost tempted to write a story.

Finally: Did you miss the official story? Prince Harry is officially dating SUITS actress, Meghan Markle who plays the ambitious research assistant, Rachel Zane.

Harry and Meghan have my official blessing to proceed with this lovely union. I pray they find lasting joy, peace and uncommon favour in the years ahead.

Come on Prince Harry!
What is Harry waiting for? Buy Meghan a ring! Announce the engagement, whisk her to Westminster Abbey to get married and voila, start making little princes and princesses.

Oh, how I long to see these two people tie the knot and live happily ever after.

May Harry and Megan's joy be full always, Amen.

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