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Saturday, 7 February 2015

#Valentine #Gifts For Him or Her #Romance

Happy Valentine Season!

The season of love is upon us. Lovers around the world are busy searching for gifts. I'm not left out. I got a handy special gift for my gorgeous husband yesterday.

To anyone who has someone they care deeply about - husband, wife, fiancé, fiancée, boyfriend or girlfriend, now is the time to show you love them by giving them a lovely gift.

Valentine gifts don't have to be expensive to convey how much you love him or her.
A Few Tips
Consider your budget

You don't have to break your bank account to please your loved one. There is life after Valentine's Day.
Match the gift to their preference
Match the gift with your loved one's taste. Don't buy an expensive gold jewellery for a woman  who reacts to metal.

Know what they would appreciate, or find out. A quick tip for next year, ask indirect questions on the kind of items they love during everyday conversation.

For instance, you are both having dinner in a restaurant and you spot a fancy photo frame. You can say, 'The photo frame over there's unique or beautiful, what do you think?' Then, watch his or her reaction and listen attentively to the response.

I have compiled a list of Valentine gifts with their online links, just to give you ideas. And if you are too busy to get the gift, then, you can order online to save yourself the hassles.


Photo Frame

Glass keepsake from Spaceform has space for a photograph of your loved one, and features the message 'Love You', with red and white hearts etched into the side of the frame.
Gift is from
Personalised Mug

This Photo Upload Mug with high gloss finish wins my heart.
Gift is from

Engraved USB Key
This Engraved USB Key is stylish and practical.

Gift is from

Engraved Business Card
You can give him engraved silver business card case to enhance the professional look.
Get yours from

Engraved Trinket Box

This exquisite luxury Silver-Plated Heart Trinket Box would add glamour to any woman's dressing table. It certainly would please me. *smile* 
Gift is from
Perfume Atomiser
This chic personalised perfume atomiser with a heart-shaped lid is great to carry around in a woman's bag.

Gift is from

Stolen Valentine Kiss (Holiday Series #1) & Kiss My Lips (Holiday Series #2) 

Lorna and Logan take you on a thrilling Valentine romance story in the heart of New Jersey. Their affair would liven the heart of any romance reader.
Get both books from
A Cinemtic Luxury Experience
For a luxury cinema experience, you can book for a great meal and a movie on Valentine's Day in the stylish Soho Hotel, one of London's top destinations for luxurious cinematic experiences. The film screening will be accompanied by your choice of lunch, dinner or afternoon tea in the hotel's restaurant, Refuel.
Delicious Dilemma 10inch Chocolate Pizza
Treat your chocolate-loving wife, fiancée or girlfriend to this bed of luxury Belgian dark, milk and white chocolate gourmet chocolate pizzas.
Get yours from

If you have other gift ideas for Valentine, please share by leaving comments.

Thank you for stopping by.
Have a luxuriously romantic Valentine Date with your loved one.

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