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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Don't Stop Till You Get Enough by @Chicki663 #Giveaway #NewRelease #ContemporaryRomance

Welcome to Book Showcase.

A very dear  friend and an amazing author, Chicki Brown is the featured author on Book Showcase this week.

Her new release, Don't Stop Till You Get Enough (Book 3 in the Stafford Brothers Series) is on a celebratory book tour and giveaway splash!

I  have been looking forward to the release. The Excerpt is juicy and Chicki is giving away a copy to one commenter. To win a FREE copy of Don't Stop Till You Get Enough, simply leave your comments.

Book Blurb

New York TV personality Greg Stafford has been hiding a secret for years. When this secret is exposed to the world, he has to fight to restore his image with the public, his family and his belief in himself.

Therapist Rhani Drake spends her days listening to people’s problems and helping them to overcome their challenges. When Greg Stafford shows up at her office, she isn’t ready for the problems he creates in her life.

He wants to repair his reputation. Is she about to throw her own reputation away to help him?"

“Something definitely out of the ordinary happened to me today. I can’t give you the details, but I had a client this afternoon that made me really uncomfortable.”

“For real?” Katandra asked with wide, rounded eyes. “You, the sex therapist? I didn’t think anything could shock you.”

“I didn’t say I was shocked. The uneasiness didn’t come from what he said. It was him.”

“Why? What did he do?”

“He didn’t have to do anything. His mere presence caused the apprehension.”

“What was wrong with the guy? Or can’t you tell us?”

“Obviously he came to me because he has issues, but I found it difficult to concentrate on his words because of his…aura, for lack of a better word. When he walked into my office, the air changed.”

Katandra snickered. “He must’ve been seriously funky.”

“Kat!” Rhani glared at her. “I mean the atmosphere changed, and it wasn’t just because he’s make-you-drool fine. He had sex coming out of his pores. There are some men who don’t have to say a word. All they have to do is stand there.” She groaned. “I’ve had some male clients who thought they were raw sex on a stick, but this one really is. Nothing like this has ever happened to me on the job or off.”

Joie studied her for a moment. “Uh oh. This guy really had an effect on you. You’re wondering whether you should counsel him, aren’t you?”

She sighed again. “Yes, I’ve never been so attracted to a man in my life, and this one came to me for help. It’s so…unethical.”

One corner of Katandra’s mouth rose along with one eyebrow. “So, what’s his problem?”

“Typical stuff. Multiple partners, dangerous behavior, etc. Knowing all that, how could I be attracted to him to begin with? What does it say about me?”

“It says you’ve been without a man for a loooong time, and you just ran into the one who shakes your tree. What are you going to do?”

“I’m not sure. He’s scheduled to come twice a week for the next three months. If I’m going to do anything, I need to do it now.”

The friends were silent for several minutes before their meals arrived. The moment the server left the table, Rhani continued. “The strange thing is he wasn’t the least bit friendly. In fact, he seemed a bit hostile.”

“What reason does he have to be hostile? Oh, wait,” Joie folded her hands under her chin and met Rhani’s gaze. “He’s not seeing you of his own free will, is he? Somebody else is making him get counseling. Am I getting warm?”

Rhani dropped her gaze. “Look, I’ve already said too much. What I need to do is consult with a colleague for advice on how to handle the situation. Let’s eat and talk about something else, please.”

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