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Thursday, 31 July 2014

How to look for the best in your #husband #Romance

List your husband or partner's good points mentally or on a sheet of paper. How many did you list? If you struggled to list seven or more, you have to pause and think again.

The story is told of a marriage counsellor who asked a couple to list each other's good qualities. While the husband listed twelve, the wife couldn't come up with one!

We must look for the best in our husband, wife or children and others who mean the world to us. Of course it is hard to do that when we're looking for perfection in others and focusing on their shortcomings.

To bring out the best in others, we have to;

1. Listen and listen

Listening makes the person speaking feel cherished. Personally, I find it hard to listen
and stare at the speaker except I'm in a formal setting. I get distracted either watching TV or fiddling with my phone or tablet.

But if we can engage our husbands and children by meeting their gaze when they talk to us, they will feel loved and we in turn will receive satisfaction knowing we have shown love. I intend to change my ways! Do you?

2. Keep no record of wrongs

Forgive past hurts and keep the sheet clean. It is easier said than done. Pray for the
grace to forgive and forget.

3. Look out for the best in others

Recount all the good things your husband has done in the past, think about them and speak about them to anyone who cares to listen.

4. Praise the good in others

To help you remember, you can keep a list of the lovely deeds your husband has done by your bedside. Then, thank him now and again.

These can also be extended to every relationship. Read more on UCB Word For Today.

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