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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Are You Insecure About Your #Appearance?

A woman worries about her appearance more than she'll admit.

It was with sympathy and understanding I watched Rebecca Adlington, British Olympic four time gold medallist and OBE (Order of the British Empire) recipient burst into tears on the TV show, I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here 2013...

Twenty-four year old Rebecca's insecurities about her physical appearance came to light as she sat side by side with twenty-one year old Amy Willerton, Miss Universe (GB) who was clad in skimpy bikini showing off her perfectly shaped figure to the hilt.
It hurt me to watch Rebecca, a stunningly beautiful, tall, leggy and lovely skin young woman tell herself she isn't good looking. She told millions of viewers of her frustration that twitter followers and the public focus more on her appearance than her performance.

She says once she steps out of the shower or pool, she grabs a towel to cover up!

I've got a burn scar on my leg and so does my teenage daughter! The scar doesn't stop me wearing short dresses or skirts. I'm still counselling my daughter to accept her scar, to live with it and to love herself.


Never take criticism about your physical appearance to heart because beauty isn't skin deep!

Know that many 'perfect looking' models, beauty queens and actresses suffer from insecurities about their appearance too.

Hey! We can't all be the same size, shape and height, no matter how hard we try. Accept that you're more than the way you look. You've got personality, character, attitude, values and belief.

Don't expect everyone to cheer you on. The more successful you are, the more a few charlatans want to pull you down. The best way to slice a woman to size is to throw digs about her figure. Ignore them.

If you can do something about your weight, go ahead. If you've tried and lost, move on and love yourself.

Learn to laugh at what you find less appealing about yourself. Borrow a leaf from Vincent Simone, Strictly Come Dancing Professional Dancer who introduced himself to his camp mates as, 'I'm Vincent Simone, I have a lisp and I am Italian!'

On a final note, Rebecca Adlington, you're a BEAUTIFUL woman and so is Amy Willerton.

Amy and Rebecca have been lovely examples of beauty and depth.

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