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Monday, 14 June 2010

Seven Ways to Sizzle Your Relationship...

We continue from the previous blog on ways to sizzle your relationship. To keep your affair growing and glowing:

4. Try raunchy, sassy, sumptuous texts to your spouse to trigger a wild response - just what you want!

5. Go to the movies together, cuddle up and watch your preferred film. Do you like thriller, drama, mystery? Then share ice cream and sneak your sticky fingers into intimate places... By the time you're on your way home, your mind can only think about getting in between the sheets!

6. Cook your partner's favourite dinner. Dim all lights and talk about sweet nothings, about what you love in your spouse. Appreciate every good quality (forget the bad)with that shuttered look that says, come on...

7. Think of a special gift for your partner. Complacency is the bane of any relationship. The minute you begin to take each other for granted, like forgetting to get a gift especially for important celebrations such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries etc. then, there's a catalogue of disappointment. But here, am talking about a gift out of the blues to shock your partner into attention...

Go and keep the flames of your relationship burning...

Our to deliver an intensely emotional experience you'll never forget!
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