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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Why would a woman cheat?

Welcome to Flirty & Feisty Romance Blog! 

Now that we have listed the number of ways to spice up and add glitter to your relationship (see previous blogs), we can roll on to the painful but common problem of infidelity in a relationship.

Imagine being married for  six years or more, and you have been so into each other.
You trust each other and don't expect that one of you will find fulfilment outside of the matrimonial home or bed.

And then one day, the scales fall from clogging your eyes and pronto! You discover your cherished and beloved one has been cheating...getting on with a colleague, a friend or even an enemy...for say a year?

Your reaction? Heartbreak, disappointment, hurt, self-assessment, anger, betrayal...and many more indescribable emotions. I know this is more rampant than we care to believe.

I will share three top reasons women have given for even thinking about cheating. 

1. LACK of attention (alias lack of sex)

One reason a woman considers cheating is if she suffers consistent lack of attention or affection from her spouse. If she gets the attention from outside her matrimonial home after her repeated plea falls on her husband's deaf ears, she's tempted to fall for the 'nice and attentive' guy.

2. CHEATING spouse

A 'genuine' reason a woman gives for cheating is, if she knows or catches her dear husband cheating on her. Humph! She thinks to herself, I have been really stupid. 

3. LACK of money

Another common reason women cheat is the pursuit of money. When she doesn't get money to take care of herself (especially if she's a full time house wife) from her husband, it is an indication he doesn't 'love' or 'care'.


If Mr. Husband is a poor man, she tolerates for a while and after sometime, she may decide to take a walk to the greener grass on the other side. 

However, if he's a rich fella, she assumes he's selfish and needs to be dealt with... and she sleeps around with other men! 

And if Mr. Husband is a rich fella, business is his no. 1 priority. His friends take no.2 priority in his life and his numerous family members take no. 3 spot, mistresses take no 4 position, his wife may be no 5, if she is lucky. 


Guess what Mrs. Wife does? After lamenting and crying genuine tears for years, she may explore other options. 

She doesn't look too far out of her marriage for comfort, because Mr. Business-minded husband may suspect. Though he's hardly around, such men usually keep the women under 'lock and key'. 

She seeks solace with her driver, or fitness instructor at the local gym or the personal staff around the house. 

While Mr. Busy Husband is in the farthest continent milking foreign currency, she's busy being milked by her personal staff.
Work on your marriage... That's another topic entirely.


Readers are welcome to make comments on why spouses would stretch their necks to the 'grass' on the other side. Is it because it looks greener? or because it's different? or it's just tempting? What is it?

Please leave comments on this controversial topic. It would be highly appreciated.

Thank you for visiting.

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