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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

More on how to add #glitter to your fading #relationship

Welcome back to Flirty & Feisty Romance Blog!

Oh yes! We're still on the vital topic of adding glitter and spice to your relationship.

This post is a continuation from the previous one.

4. Openly talking about any issue is key to any successful relationship. Bring niggling doubts, fears and questions to the open. Don't sweep any matter beneath the carpet and hope it will clear away or die a natural death.

When talking, try to be as sincere as you can. State it as calmly as possible. And keep an even tone of voice. When you ask a sensible question in an aggressive or irritating tone, your spouse shuts down. He stops listening to the query and focuses on the 'rude' manner in which you delivered your 'sensible' speech. Do you get my drift?

There are lots more to oiling the wheels of your relationship.

5. Why don't you go dancing with your spouse? When I say dancing, I mean hot, steamy, body touching, toes tingling dancing in a darkly lit, blues music blaring night club. It is a promise there's more to come! Before you go clubbing, remember to spot a sexy outfit, stilettos, light to heavy dose of perfume. You'll be crawling over each other by the time you hit the door.

6. Don't forget to PRAY!

Good luck and watch out for more reviving tips.

Thank you for visiting.

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