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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Married Men Say They Will-----For Sex #Staymarried

A few days ago, I watched a video clip. Five players were asked to suggest what they thought married men answered to this question; I will ----- For Sex.

Married men said they would:

1. Pay for sex: This was the top answer.

2. Lie for sex

3. Die for sex

4. Beg for sex

5. Kill for sex

I was so shocked at the answers above. In fact, my jaw dropped. Did you notice none of the married men said they would:

1. Love for sex,

2. Engage in foreplay for sex,

3. Wine & Dine for sex

4. Cook for sex

5. Buy gifts for sex

From their answers, it is clear some married men are not interested in dating or courting their wives after their wedding.

It is my hope, they would beg their wives for sex instead of begging strange women to warm their beds.

I don't think they pay their wives for sex either. So it means they pay other women for sex. What do you think?

My advice is simple:

Married men must learn how to date their wives, engage in foreplay, cook for their wives, dine and wine their wives to have the best sex they could ever hope to get from other women outside their homes.

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