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Thursday, 27 July 2017

#Virgin #Brides...Things to Know about #Sex #Weddingnight

 If you already have sex for breakfast, lunch and dinner, this post is not for you!

Virgin Brides:

So you waited till your wedding day to have sex with your husband? I'm very proud of you and I cannot even begin to tell you how proud you should be of your decision to abstain.

In this present world of sex for a penny, you have disciplined your desires well.

Your marriage bed is the perfect place for your excited husband to pop your cherry. 

On Your Wedding Night:

But for you, fear sets in. Your head comes up with a dozen reasons why you are not going to be able to please your husband in bed.

Quite frankly, you know you are inexperienced and you suddenly feel inadequate.

You Can:

Silence the doubts straightaway. Say to yourself, "I'm not supposed to be an expert. I'm a virgin! And I'm going to learn how to derive pleasure from sex, catch-on the tricks and enjoy sex with my husband."

After all, prostitutes were once virgins!

Every woman who has given birth, including me, your mum and your grandmothers were once virgins.

However, not every woman enjoys sex in marriage. But you can decide to make it your mission to savour and enjoy sex in marriage. I do and I thank God for the gift of sex in marriage.

I have been taught by my loving and patient husband and I have become an expert of some sort by God's grace. My hubby must not read this post..lool!

Considering you did the right thing to wait till you got married, come on, you deserve to know how to reap the rewards, don't you think?

The myth about the pain during sex for virgins - is it real or over-exaggerated?

What You Can Do on Your Wedding Night:

1. Foreplay is extremely important all day long to prepare you mentally for sex. During the wedding reception, sneak your hands under the table and touch away. During sex, take it really slow. Be gentle and tender.

2. Talk through your experience. Tell each other how uncomfortable or excited you feel. Don't hold your feelings inside. If you are still in doubt, pick up any of my romance novels.

3. Use your fingers and lips to give pleasure and to discover each other's sensitive spots.

4. Get and use a lubricant before penetrative sex.

5. Put a pillow beneath your waist.

6. Rock your hips to match your partner's rhythm.

7. The pain experienced for virgins is slight but REAL. It is like a small pressure being applied on a sensitive part. But after repeated sex, you get used to it, trust me.

8. Don't expect a body-shaking orgasm the first time through penetrative sex or for several months. If it happens, great, if not, carry on experiencing orgasms with your fingers and or lips.

9. You will feel slightly raw immediately after. Apply petroleum jelly around your private area (not internally of course) to soothe the sting or burning sensation (if any).

1. I tell you, once you get used to having sex with your husband, you will be fine. Like everything in life, practice makes perfect.

2. There are times when you want sex, fast and rough. And at other times, slow and tender. It depends on both of you.

Enjoy the pleasure and beauty of falling into your husband's arms and enjoying yourselves.

3. There is no guilt and no shame. Only honour and more steaming sex as you grow older together.

4. For me, it took a few years of loving each other, trusting each other, trial and error to experience to the rocking, earth-shattering climax I now experience in my almost eighteen years of marriage. And it gets hotter and more steamy as the  days go by through God's Amazing Grace!

I wish you a mind-blowing sex ride with your husband throughout your marriage.

Stay blessed.

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