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Thursday, 8 February 2018

What Are You Doing for Valentine? #ValentineDay #Romance

Valentine season is here again.

Are you looking forward to Valentine's Day next Wednesday, February 14th, 2018?

I'm looking forward to celebrating my love with my darling husband of eighteen years!!!

In fact, I ordered his special gift last night. About two weeks ago, I bought my lifetime Valentine Date a romantic card and a regular gift. I'm so excited to see my husband's face when I give him the gifts.

For your information, I dropped a hint to my husband two nights ago that I'm getting him a gift for Valentine. Why did I do that? You see, my husband had been a little under the weather. But I wanted to  make sure his heart still remembers what's important.

Which woman does not like to receive gifts on Valentine's Day? I have not met anyone.

So, if you're married, engaged or in a relationship, now is the time to race along.

Get your husband, wife, fiancé
or fiancée a special gift and a card.

And if you're not very sure your husband or wife will remember to get you a gift in return, you're better of dropping hints about looking forward to the gift you will receive on Valentine's Day.

Don't wait till Valentine's Day to find out, your husband or wife forgot or was too busy to get you a gift.

Apart from exchanging gifts, I'm definitely looking forward to our dinner date! Yes, I love going on a date with my husband every Valentine season. It gives us a chance to talk about us, our journey, our relationship, our love and we laugh a lot, touch a lot, kiss a lot and get more intimate.

I hope you intend to light the flame of your love this Valentine season.

Because I intend to light mine and pray it burns brighter through God's grace.

I wish you a loving Valentine's Day.

And I wish you many happy and fruitful years in your marriage.

More grace from God.

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