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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

How Can A Man #Love His #Wife & Keep A #Mistress?

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In the eyes of family, friends and the law, every married man promises his wife
unending love and loyalty at the altar.

For those who have live-in partners, the same commitment is expected until they part ways.

Then, how is it possible for the same 'committed' man to keep a mistress for reasons such as having regular sex, reliving stress, gaining a comforter, confidant or plainly stoking an old flame alive?

One question I need answered is how a man can insist he loves his wife while harbouring a mistress?

Does he whisper the same sweet nothings to his wife and to his mistress or does he
despise his wife so much, he doesn't need to profess his undying love to her?

There are many celebrities and public officers who have been exposed for their double lives with varying consequences, yet the practice continues. Tiger Woods and Ashley Cole readily come to mind.

Remember, the wives, children, family members and mistresses aren't going to be left unscathed when the indiscretion becomes public knowledge.

What will it take for a man to keep his fly shut in the face of brazen temptation?

If a man feels hard pressed to take a mistress, he must grow the spine to do the right thing.

What's the right thing? You tell me.

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