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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Are you going into a new relationship?

Happy New Year to you and to those you love and care about.

Every year, many people make new year resolutions: end affairs that are heading nowhere, begin new relationships, start gym routine, eat healthy, change life style...the list is endless.

Have you decided to start a new relationship in 2014?

If your answer is yes, that's a good start. 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind to help you succeed in making this year's resolution permanent.

Leave all the baggage from the past behind.

Be open to new ideas and activities. Be spontaneous and willing to put the other person first.

If you're smitten, say so. There's no point dithering. My husband asked me to marry him the first day he visited. And I said, 'yes'.

Be the change you desire to see in your partner. If you want affection, show affection!

Get to know him or her. I'm not a fan of long distance relationship. If you are, make
time to be together and find out what you have in common. Spend time listening and talking.

Flirt, flirt and flirt solely with your partner. Bat your eyelashes, stare at him or her, flick your hair, kiss his or her lips, hook your arms through his, nudge his or her knees, let your feet wander near his under the table...

Enjoy and explore together. Hopefully, you'll decide if you're willing to spend the rest of your life in his arms.

On a final note, spending your lifetime with another person is serious business, so be ready to make the commitment.

I wish you fullness of joy in your new relationship.


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