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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

How committed are you? #Staymarried #Wedding

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As I wrote my upcoming contemporary romance novel - Forbidden Dance - due out on July 15th 2015, I wondered about the word, commitment in marriage.

Commitment in marriage means devoting yourself wholly to your partner.

In so many relationships nowadays, commitment equals a short-term affair. Couples remain committed as long as the road is smooth. Once bumps show up, or if the bump lingers, commitment flies out of the door.

But commitment is so much more deeper than that. It means you take a bold step to live with one person only. So you channel all your time, strength, effort to make your relationship work, no matter the challenges. There is no other definition. 

It is easier than wasting your energy trying to find the next right person.

Couples split up at the drop of a hat these days. While years ago, couples endured financial hardship, infidelity, children outside wedlock and so much more without considering asking for a divorce.

They hoped for a better tomorrow and for their partner to come to their senses.

The simple truth is, marriage can be extremely difficult. Just like  living with your parents and siblings. You quarrel, you fight and you make-up after  long periods. In many cases, you remain one family.

In other words, marriage requires deliberate planning and  hard work. Every single moment of every single day, you make a conscious effort to fully commit to the person you love or once loved.

The fact that your love wears off at some point in your marriage because of trials and troubles does not mean your love is dead. Sometimes, it is only resting, waiting to be rekindled.

After all, you chose to marry your partner.

I wish you a long lasting relationship.

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