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Thursday, 17 April 2014

What #Attracted You to Your #Partner?

My romantic heart keeps asking so many questions about relationships. I can't help myself.

The whole aim is to strengthen and deepen our relationship by exploring the basics of friendship.

This is a follow up post on the previous one that asked, 'Where in the world did you meet your husband or wife?'

What was the first attraction? Why did you do a double take at him or her? Was it the smile, the eyes, physique, hair, lips, sense of humour, gait, talent, family reputation, race/tribe, wealth, character, personality or attitude?

As usual, to kick start the discussion, I'll share mine.

Surprisingly, it is my husband's soulful singing voice that instantly hit a chord in my soul.  Of course at that time, I hadn't even met him. But when I saw him days later, I called out, 'Our singer...!' That was almost sixteen years ago. God is great!

If you read this post, you've got to share yours. *Laughing*

So, what was the first attraction?

Huge thanks for visiting. I look forward to reading what first struck you about your husband or wife.

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