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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Where in the world did you meet your #husband #wife #fiancée, #partner?

Welcome to Advice Bench!

As I roused from sleep this lovely morning,  a sweet thought weaved through my mind.

The question on my romantic heart was; where in the world did married people meet their better half?

I know the answer will certainly be varied, but that's why I'm curious to find out.

So many places raced through my head. I laughed as I ticked off the possible places on my fingers.

Did you meet in a bar, club, party, Church, shopping mall, Market, on the road, pub, a friend's house, office, hospital, airport, in flight, bus or coach?

My question is simple and straightforward. Please share with us where on earth you met the one and only person who rocks your world.

To kick start this conversation, I'll share mine.

Take a deep breath...wait for it...I first saw my husband in the four walls of my Cathedral! Specifically,  Archbishop Vinning Memorial Cathedral Church in Lagos (Oba Akinjobi Rd), Nigeria.

Over to you. Be as specific as you can by naming the exact location. That's what makes this topic very interesting.

Thank you for stopping by. Please share your comments, so I know you stopped by. It gives me great pleasure to read your views.

You remain unforgettable,

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