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Thursday, 24 April 2014

How Did He Propose? #WeddingProposal #Marriage

After watching several movies, TV programs and reading countless romance novels, I want to find out how many ways a man can ask a woman to marry him in reality.

If you're married, do you recall how your husband asked you the most important question - will you marry me? How did you react? 

Hopefully, the memory brings back colourful butterflies into your belly.

And if you're single, what's your dream wedding proposal? What's the ideal way for Mr. Right to
propose? Will the sight of your fiance going on one knee, holding a glittering gemstone in his open palm sweep you off your feet?

Better still, if you're engaged, how did your sweetheart ask you the all important question that's going to change your life? Did you burst into tears of joy or did you laugh in surprise?

In my case, my husband's proposal was totally unexpected. It was our first date. We only just met! We sat on the carpeted (with linoleum!) floor in my flat in Lagos. After a three hour getting-to-know-each-other-chat, he paused.

My husband popped the shocking question - 'Will you marry me?' There was no ring at the time of proposing, only the life changing question.

Did I cry? No. Did I laugh? No. I was too stunned to react. So, I remained silent for a few minutes, quietly asking myself if he was the one.

The answer I received was unusual - absolute peace in my heart. Then, I said a cool, 'YES'

Afterwards, the lovely chaos of engagement began. That was almost fifteen years ago. He's the best lover and husband ever! Thank God.

Yours may be more dramatic or different. 

It is your turn to indulge us.

Please share and thank you for reading.


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