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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Single Women ~ You Want To Get Married? #Openyoureyes #Romance

Welcome to Advice Bench!
Me and my Sweetheart.
My husband raised a few issues with me yesterday morning and I want to share our thoughts with you.

In case you did not know, my husband met me in our  local Church, a Cathedral in Lagos, Nigeria almost seventeen years ago. At that time, he played keyboard in the Church band.

There were so many single girls in the band and in the choir who did not recognize him as a husband material - he had no house (lived with his relative), no car and he just started a new job. Well, through God's grace, I recognized my 'package' from the Lord. We got married a year later and we have lived happily ever after with our two lovely teenagers. He bought me a car seven years after we got married. Now we live in London, UK.

Some of the single women in this category are still not married. This trend sparked our conversation yesterday morning.

In Churches today, single women still pray night and day for a husband from God. But they boycott the single men right under their noses in the Church and in the various groups they belong.

These women insist the 'right' man is yet to come, because they judge the men by their own criteria. If he has no house, or car and he does not have a great job, he cannot be the right man from God.

So these single women despise the single men because they do not recognize the 'package'. They fail to recognize the man near them because they want a man who can lift them out of their lowly background.

By a twist of fate in some cases, some of these women get 'lucky'. They meet a non-Christian man, quickly get married to the 'unbeliever' and their life becomes 'unbelievable'. In many instances, the men stop them from worshipping God. The 'right' men who met their earthly standards become their worst enemy.

Yet again, we have another set of single women who are self-made or from wealthy families. They have good jobs, own or rent a house, drive cars but they don't want to climb down the social ladder to marry a man who is 'struggling' financially. Instead, they also desire men who matches their status.

So we end up with a bigger problem where men of low status and position have been rejected by both sets of single women.

These single women forget that a humble beginning is a great starting point to greatness. There are so many young men and women searching for the right person. But as long as they keep their eyes shut to the single men and women around them, they might end up lonely and lost.

My advice: Pray, open your eyes and make a choice from the pool of people around you. There is so much joy in building your lives together.

Flirty & Feisty Romance wishes you a long lasting relationship.

Thank you for visiting and reading. Please leave me comments. Love to read your views.
You remain unforgettable.
Have a blessed day.


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