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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

What is Wrong With You? #Relationshiptips #Marriage

Welcome to Romance Quotes Monday!

Hello readers, we have a guest blogger, the amazing Olivia Russell on Flirty & Feisty Romance Blog today. Please give her a warm welcome😆

Olivia Russell 
Olivia is sharing an intresting aspect of relationship with us. Find out What's Wrong With You with the help of a Relationship Analysis Tools.


At some point, you reach the age when you have married friends, or you may find that you yourself are married. And with having married friends comes having to listen to them complain about their spouse...a lot! 

I have a best friend who has been married for four years now, and every time we talk about her relationship, she is fed up, he is lazy, she doesn’t know what else to do, and the list goes on and on. You would think by now they would have separated or divorced, yet they just welcomed their second child.

A lot of times when you talk to someone, they’re not always sure of what they want from a relationship, but they’re absolutely positive of what they don’t want. She can talk to me for hours about everything he does wrong, but can’t even begin to think about how to fix it. She doesn’t even mention their strengths as a couple any more. This is bound to happen in any relationship. The passion fades, real life hits, and you realise those little quirks you were content to ignore in order to achieve the bigger picture, is actually a bigger problem than you realised.

God created marriage for our enjoyment, but what do you do when you find the romance going out? Maybe you’ve been together for so long you can’t even remember why you fell in love in the first place; or how to tackle a problem in the best way possible. 

Today I’m going to help you answer those questions with a quick and easy questionnaire. You can easily use this questionnaire to analyse your romantic relationship. Both partners must answer the questions on their own, and then discuss their results. 

Why both partners? Two years ago, I worked with a couple and gave them a standard assessment test to complete individually. In the end, I discovered the wife was essentially ready to call a divorce lawyer, while the husband thought the marriage was perfect and fine. Even if you're not on the same page with your spouse or partner, it's important to at least KNOW that you are not on the same page with them. You can't fix what you don't know is broken, and you cannot expect your partner to be a mind reader.


1.       WHO GETS THE MOST OF WHAT THEY WANT from the relationship.

2.       The GREATEST STRENGTH of the relationship, and HOW TO CAPITALIZE ON IT.

3.       The GREATEST WEAKNESS of the relationship, and HOW TO MINIMIZE IT.



And, just in case you need to hear this....The person who scores highest should never feel guilty about it! It is our job as human beings to go for what we want and you are simply better at it so far than your partner! While it's a shame your partner sometimes doesn't get what they want, that's their responsibility, not yours!  But do try your best to give them everything they need from your end and nothing more.


Answering the 10 questions on the next page will be easy, but take your time in answering them to avoid misleading results. Answer each question thoughtfully.

This analysis will help you to examine the ten most important traits in a primarily good relationship to determine the degree to which each trait is present or absent. It is designed for relationships in which there is no physical abuse, no sexual abuse, and very little if any emotional abuse. If you know you are in an abusive relationship, some of the advice you will read here will not apply to you! (Bottom line: Abuse is wrong and needs to be stopped - or escaped - regardless of all other factors.)

PICK A SPECIFIC TIME PERIOD: You can choose any time period you like: "since we met," "the last month," "the last ten years," even "the first three years we were together."  But you must be thinking about the SAME time period on every question. EVERY ANSWER MUST BE DIFFERENT. USE THE EXAMPLES ONLY AS A GUIDE.


From 00 to 05 = "It doesn't happen" or "Not at all." 

From 06 to 15 = "It goes terribly." 

From 16 to 25 = "It goes very badly." 

From 26 to 35 = "It goes badly." 

From 36 to 45 = "It goes a little badly." 

From 46 to 55 = "It doesn't go well or badly. It's in the middle." 

From 56 to 65 = "It goes a little well." 

From 66 to 75 = "It goes well." 

From 76 to 85 = "It goes very well." 

From 86 to 95 = "It goes extremely well." 

From 96 to 100 = "It goes fantastically!"

In my next post, I will discuss how you fan the flames of romance with your significant other. So once you figure out your areas of weakness and strengths with your partner, I’ll discuss how to convert that to a healthier, better functioning relationship.

This is the link to the Actual Survey Link

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Olivia Russell
B. A. Psychology
Fashion, Food & Lifestyle Blogger
Life By Olivia
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