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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Is Your Marriage a Hand Luggage?

If your marriage is a hand luggage this post is for you.

Many engaged people make comments that I find troubling. They say, "If we ever get divorced, then..."

How can the horrible thought of divorce feature in the heart of someone who's planning to get married? Isn't till death do us part in the wedding vows anymore?

Of course, with an attitude like that, is it any wonder many married people break it off more easily now, than in the olden days?

I'm not reffering to marriages where violence and extramarital affairs hold sway - they need urgent help.

Look through these examples;

1. Many women pay more attention to their children than to their husbands.

2. Other women sandwich their children between themselves and their husbands on their marital beds.

3. Yet many others don't make their husbands' meals because they are angry or feel aggrieved.

In the examples given, the marriages are starved of sex, food and communication, which are fundamental values in marriages.

To such women, their marriages are hand luggages to be disposed off when it is too heavy, old, weather-beaten or simply out of fashion.


Make your marriage like a beautiful garden.

1. Marriages are like a garden. It takes hard work!

2. You've got to weed, cultivate, tend, trim, water, protect and strengthen every aspect.
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3. Then, you have to patiently watch the plants (you, your husband & children) struggle, cope, fall prey to insects (extramarital affairs, drug use, gambling) and eventually blossom and flourish with your unending & unconditional love to bring out lovely flowers of immense beauty.

4. Every season affects the marriage garden differently. So, each phase of your marriage comes under various attacks. Be prepared to ride the waves and emerge victorious.

Make your marriage the envy of others, a succour for many who are hurting, a place of great joy, peace and stability for your family and others. God help you as you WORK at it.

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