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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Take a rein on your wild emotions in Loitering Shadows #MWTease15 #InterracialRomance

I'm thrilled to welcome you to MidWeek Tease organized by Sandra Bunino. Midweek Tease is a platform for authors and writers to give you a peep into their published book or work-in-progress.

I'm excited to share a teaser from Flirty & Feisty Romance first novel - Loitering Shadows, published in 2010.

In this scene, Prescott's slight distraction at the wheels on a sunny morning has altered his plans for the day.


Teaser from Loitering Shadows

Prescott Vander-Scott had just been hit with the sexiest dark female on a hospital bed. When he looked at the brown eyes that stared at him coyly, he felt a strange emotion.
Strong sensations…similar to rippling electric shock raced through him at lightning speed.
Even with the plaster at the side of her head, this woman looked like a phenomenal dark-skinned princess. She half-smiled at him, and he glimpsed snow white set of even teeth, that knocked the wind out of his lungs.
‘Mr. Presky Vander-Scott, I think she’s fully awake now and there are no broken bones. I’ll be in consulting room two.’ 
Presky nodded his head. ‘Yes, thank you doc,’ he replied distractedly.
He’d forgotten the doctor was still standing beside him, while he gazed lustfully at a woman he’d almost killed.
Take a rein on your wild emotions Presky, he warned himself. This isn’t the moment or place to start getting primal. He shifted uncomfortably from one foot to another, as he realized that his bulge was threatening to burst through his now too tight tailored trousers, that had been quiet comfortable when he’d worn it that morning. Undoubtedly, he’d a notorious reputation of bedding every blond in skirt.
A reputation he was having a hard time peeling off!
‘Are you alright Traci-B?’ he asked, even as he fought to regain control of his wild senses. 
Tricia’s eyes fluttered open as she heard the rich baritone voice. 


 As Tricia looked into his deep ash-tone eyes, she was lost in thought.
Who’s this gorgeous male?
If this is the price to pay to catch a glimpse of this gift to the female specie, then, she’ll gladly have an accident again and again. She couldn’t seem to string a logical sentence together. She opened her mouth to tell the stranger again she was fine. If only he’ll stop looking at her with those big, twin  darkening eyes that reminded her of cold ashes.   
She wanted to kiss his lips.
But no words came out. She swallowed saliva. Why was she tongue-tied?
She wasn’t a virgin!
She’d double-dated a lot since Greg.
Oh, Greg Acton! That was a life time ago.
Greg paled into insignificance as she gawked again into the now charcoal eyes of this light skinned, tall and handsome man called…?
What did the doctor call him? Mr. Presky Vander what? She couldn’t recall his last name, because she’d only being half-listening. Presky?
What a sexy name! Where’s he from?
Tricia had many questions to ask this stranger. Is he married? She looked discreetly at the fourth-finger of his left hand.
No wedding ring, thank God. But surely, he must have a girlfriend or a fiancée waiting impatiently on the wings? How lucky she must be. Tricia felt quick pangs of jealousy. She allowed her mind to drift…touching, feeling his long fingers on her skin.
How could she be? A couple of hours ago, she didn’t even know this man existed. It was a relief his fourth-finger had no wedding ring. 
‘Traci-B, I really must leave you now. But I’ll be back before you know it.’ Smiling at her, he walked a few steps back from the bed before making a turn for the door. With his big hands on the door knob, he looked back at Tricia, winking sexily before silently shutting the door. 
Tricia felt dizzy on the bed.

Copyright Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku 2014

Loitering Shadows is available via

Amazon US Amazon UK Smashwords | Createspace 
Amazon.Co.UK (Paperback)|Amazon.Com (Paperback)

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