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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

#Brides From #Africa #CameroonianBride #TraditionalEngagement

Welcome to Brides From Africa!

It is great to be back with Brides From Africa. On today's ride, I have beautiful photos of brides from the West African country of Cameroon.

In my search for scoop, I stumbled across a traditional wedding inspired invitation. It is unique and lovely.

Invitation is courtesy of Artbecomeyou
In Cameroon, the traditional engagement starts when the groom approaches the bride's father to get his initial approval to court his daughter.

Once the two families meet, an engagement will be officially announced and the bride's father will decide on how much the marriage payment will be. It is paid as a sign of respect and good faith.
The groom pays a bride price to the bride's family. The bride price consists of 10 tins (250ml or 60 gallons) of palm oil, a barrel of meat, cash for bride price, as much firewood as the groom's friends can provide, and a married woman’s outfit.
The groom's family offers kola nut and alcoholic drinks to ask for the bride’s hand in marriage, as a mark of friendship and honour.

After the sharing the kola nut, the groom is asked to recognize and choose his beloved among other women. Salt is also presented by the groom to the bride's family as a symbol of friendship, loyalty, abundance and fertility.

After the groom identifies the bride, her father asks his daughter to share a glass of drink with the husband to be.

The couple is attired in Aoghu, particular to the North Westerner part of Cameroon
After the official wedding ceremony, the bride will return to her parents' home to be cleansed and covered with camwood, then she will officially be "handed over" to her husband.

I want to leave you with a popular Cameroonian proverb - Beauty is an empty calabash.

Find out more about Cameroonian traditional engagement on Africanweddingtraditions & Cameroonwedding.

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