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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Some Gifts Get You into Messy Water #Marriage #Wedding

Welcome to Advice Bench! 

I heard a story recently. A married woman got a wrapped gift. When she ripped it open, it was a black, lacy blouse. Attached to the package was a card that was signed by  male friend. The card read, I bought this gift for you for £XXX.

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She wondered if she should tell her husband about the gift.

I want to tell you here and now, such gifts will only get you into MESSY waters if you keep quiet. I cannot believe the married woman is even considering not telling her husband about the gift. My question is, does she have feelings for her male friend? Whatever the reason, I know she is courting trouble.

Still, I wonder why the thought of not telling her husband should even cross her mind.

I have been married for over sixteen years. About ten years ago, I got a flowery poem via email from a male 'admirer'. Without thinking about deleting it, I forwarded the email to my husband.

Of course, my husband frowned at the poem. He was cross that the man had the nerve to send a poem to his wife. But he did not have a problem with me. My husband replied the email. The man backed off straightaway. It was the last time he sent me an email or even spoke to me. To us, it was good riddance to bad rubbish.

Last Christmas, my husband called me from work. He said a woman who he suspected fancied him had given him a large chocolate cake. He asked me what I wanted him to do with the cake. I told him to give it to his male colleague who had been nice to him in the past. I knew his male colleague would tell the woman her cake was re-gifted to him.

My Advice:

1. In your marriage, do not leave room for distrust or suspicion to grow.

2. If you receive gifts from an admirer, the first person who should hear about it is your husband or wife.

3. Remember, there are individuals who would always want to penetrate your relationship, create a small crack and try to 'get in'. Keep them OUT where they belong.

4. As long as the gifts are not from your family friends - that is people both of you consider friends - don't accept the gifts. Or accept and share the news with your husband or wife.
 5. If you accept the gifts and keep quiet, then, you have to check your reasons and find out what is actually going on in your marriage. Ask yourself - are you on the brink of having an affair?

I hope you find the strength to always make the right decision.
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